Carrera TopCar Sunglasses

The sun reflecting off the snow can be shocking to your eyes. The glare makes my eyes water so I like to wear sunglasses year-round. I don’t do any skiing for snowboarding like a lot of my family but I love to go for long walks during the winter and the snow can be blinding. Okay, I admit I’ve never had a pair of designer sunglasses but have admired them from afar.

Having quality eyewear including Sunglasses is a must. SmartBuy Glasses is an amazing site where you can get Eyeglasses online. They have a vast selection of fashionable shades that will protect our eyes and make you look fabulous at the same time. I was impressed with the sheer volume of brands they carry, most of which I was introduced to. They carry popular and chic brands like Versace, Tag Heuer (which my husband loves), Burberry, and the list goes on and on. I have always coveted the Carrera brand sunglasses so I was delighted to feature them.

I love sunglasses that are bigger, sporty and very vogue so the Carrera TOPCAR 1 KE0/LN was the choice for me. The site deems these cool shades as made for men, but they go perfectly with my outerwear. My husband loves to wear them too.

What I really love about them is the style and awesome complimentary beautiful colors. The glasses are extremely lightweight and that is a big plus for me. I usually get headaches from the weight of some sunglasses so I was really happy that these rock stars are weightless on my nose and ears. They have clear nose rests that are very comfortable and the arms have a gentle bend over your ears. The big plus for me was that my eyes did not water when I was out in the sun. The shades have a gorgeous blue tint that is moderately dark. They really have a nice relaxed feel to them so I enjoyed wearing them.

They are semi-rimless so no plastic frame rests on your cheeks. They just look so much nicer on your face with less frame. They also have UV protection for your eyes so sunny winter days will more pleasant to be out in. I love them. SmartBuy Glasses also carries designer Glasses and contact lenses, check them out.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.