Castello Cheese

Ever have a burning passion for something that no matter what, you’re going to make it a reality? The recent release of the movie Burnt is about a real-life story about chef Adam Jones, who made it big in the culinary world. Not all was smooth sailing! His ego, anger issues, Prima Donna and erratic behavior, and drug addiction spiraled him to the lowest place a person can go. But after much determination, he redeemed himself and returned to a successful career in London.

Did I like the movie? I did not care for the brash behavior, but I admired his drive and determination to make it right, to make perfect, to make it a memorable experience in the kitchen.

Although this badass chef showed a lot of bad taste, he also revealed impeccable taste too! He created some dishes with Castello cheese. Castello Cheese has influenced our taste buds since 1893, with a wide range of uniquely crafted cheeses that are made with natural ingredients. We love the huge variety of flavorful cheeseā€™s they offer, and always have a few in our fridge.


If you’re like me and struggle to come up with tasty and exciting meals, you can swing by Castello’s recipe section and peruse through the plethora of mouth-watering options for all their various cheese. Castello makes their own Brie cheese. Brie is a French cheese has been deemed the ‘Queen of Cheeses’! It’s soft, creamy and buttery texture lends itself to many recipes. We’ve tried their Brie cheese, but never really incorporated it into a recipe. My family just spreads it on crackers for a snack. I was delighted to see all the easy to make recipes that include Brie.

With the holidays on our heels, getting a menu of delicious recipes ready is easy thanks to Castello. Cheese is one of those foods that offers so much versatility and resonates with most people.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.