Cat Lovers Books and Calendar

My family has had cats in our home for decades. It all started with one little feral cat that we welcomed into our home and grew to love dearly. Since then, we’ve adopted many abandoned and abused felines that are very much part of our family. We cannot imagine a day without cats in our lives and I know there are many other people who feel the same way. If you have cat lovers in your family, here are a few gift ideas for the holiday season.

2020 Wall Calendar: I Could Pee on This

Cat calendar

Calendars make ideal gifts, and it’s purrfect timing to receive one at the end of the year. The 2020 I Could Pee On This calendar features beautiful photos of different breeds of cats. Each month has a poem and a photo of someone’s beloved cat. The pictures range of cute, naughty to hilarious. The poems reflect what a cat’s dialogue would be to his/her person. They will definitely make you chuckle. We all know that dogs have owners, but cats have slaves.

Cats Are The Worst

Cats are the Worst

Cats Are The Worst features things about cats that aren’t so cool and their clever and witty responses that Humans Are The Worst. For every complaint we have about cats, they have one about us! On one page it shows a not so great thing about cats and on the following page, it also shows from a feline’s perspective things that humans do that are not pleasing to our purring pets. Cats have knives for hands and never stop scratching thins! Humans know nothing about abstract art! The comebacks are funny and the watercolor illustrations are enchanting.

The Karma of Cats

Karma of Cats

Cats are pets, friends, family, and teachers. The Karma of Cats is a heartwarming book about cat owners sharing their stories about their connection to their cat. Just like people, cats have personalities, talents, intuition, and compassion. They can be the trusted confidant, the best friend, the ear when you are down or happy. No matter what your situation, your cat is always there for you. The storytellers of this book, share touching experiences of how their cats influenced, expanded and even changed their lives for the better. It’s purrfect for cat lovers.

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