Celebrate Spring with a National Geographic Kids Books

Spring is a favorite season for many people for so many reasons. We have warmer weather, more daylight, more sunshine, intoxicatingly fresh air and buds are bursting everywhere. You just feel so much better and want to get out and connect with nature. Plus, animals come out of hibernation and there are lots of adorable little furry babies been born. Kids adore baby animals and are endeared to learn more about them. And National Geographic Kids offers awesome go-to resource books that share insights, gorgeous images, fun facts and finds and spreads tons of animal love.

So Cute! Puppies🐾

National Geographic Kids So Cute Puppies!

That wrinkly little face. Those sweet puppy dog eyes! That squishy, pudgy, fuzzy body! Let’s face it … puppies are SO CUTE! And, well, so is this book!  Try to contain your squeals of delight as you flip through pages of the fluffy furballs. From puppies at playtime to rascally ruff-housing, this book is filled with humor and informational sidebars, and pairs super cute puppy photos with an imagined inner dialogue that will have the whole family laughing. Perfect for little kids getting acquainted with a new pup at home or kids who love animals in general. (Ages 3-7, hardcover, $6.99)

First Big Book of Animals🐯

National Geographic Kids Little Kids First Big Book of Baby Animals

The NG Little Kids First Big Book of Baby Animals is filled with adorable, fluffy and cuddly animals and cool scaly creatures big and small critters. This book introduces the youngest explorers to the world of wildlife, including ducks, dolphins, rhinos, tigers, butterflies, frogs, wolves, pandas and so many more. More than 150 of National Geographic’s most charming animal photos are paired with just the kind of facts that little kids want to know―the creature’s size, diet, home, and more. Child-friendly text explains how animal parents take care of their young, how baby animals change as they grow, and how they learn to hunt and eat. After an animal is featured, kids will be asked a pondering question that is relatable to their lives. These animal tales will quickly become favorites at storytime, bedtime, and any other time. (ages 4-8, hardcover, $14.99)

Just Joking 3😸

National Geographic Kids Just Joking 3

Who doesn’t love a hearty giggle from a good joke? Just Joking 3 is jam-packed with over 300 hilarious and silly jokes that kids love, including knock-knocks, tongue twisters, riddles, traditional question-and-answer jokes. Each joke is paired with laughing animals, funny people, and other colorful photos in National Geographic Kids’ signature colorful, photo-driven style.  

What sound do porcupines make when they kiss?
What do you get from a cow after an earthquake? Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants? 

A: Ouch! 
A: a milkshake
A: In case he got a hole in one

All the pages are filled with bright, bold, and colorful images of animals, people, and goofy items that lend themselves to each joke. Just Joking 3 (ages 7-10, paperback, $8.99) 

We Love Babies!🐧

National Geographic Kids We Love Babies!

National Geographic Kids book We Love Babies, is a hilarious picture book with rollicking, rhyming text reads like a crowd-pleasing call, pumping up readers’ excitement for the cutest baby animals ever. Illustrated with lively National Geographic photography, the heartwarming book presents furred, feathered, and finned baby animals of all shapes and sizes, celebrating their glorious diversity, from “paws and claws and little flippers” to “feet that look like fuzzy slippers!”. Whimsical animal cartoon cheerleaders add to the fun learning experience as they pop up throughout the book leading fans in the irresistible refrain: “We love babies, yes we do, we love babies, how about you?” (ages 2-5, hardcover, $17.99)

Adorable Animals Super Sticker Activity Book🐼🦝

National Geographic Kids Adorable Animals Super Sticker Activity book

The NG Kids Adorable Animals Super Sticker Activity Book is bursting with darling animals and amazing facts about them. It’s two sticker books in one that is chock-full of the cutest animals on the planet: pandas, koalas, rabbits, kittens, puppies, and so many more. Each page offers an engaging activity that allows kids to put what they’ve learned into artistic practice. A perfect cure for cabin fever, kids are sure to love these pages of 2,000 stickers that are loaded with fun.  (ages 4-8, paperback, $12.99)

Weird But True!🐵

National Geographic Kids Weird But True

What a great way to embrace every day, then with the newest NG Weird but True! book that shares some amazing finds and educational facts. The book is broken into sections by months so there isn’t a day you are not learning something awesome.

Did you know that the Philadelphia cracked Liberty Bell hasn’t been rung since 1846? Did you know that only female mosquitoes can suck blood? They use body odor to find victims. Did you know that the people in Florida celebrate Garlic Festival every February?

Here’s a chance for fans to keep their own personal diary about the weird and wacky world around them. For inspiration, there’s a Weird But True fact a day, plus a daily place for kids to report on all the WBT stuff they observe and experience on their own 24/7. It’s a year’s worth of fun to enjoy, record, and remember!

The Big Book of Bling 🦚

National Geographic Kids The Big Book of Bling

Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle, bling, and extravagance in their life? From upscale splurges to flashy fun in nature, The Big Book of Bling is a treasure trove filled with wonders that will dazzle and delight about how nature struts its stuff with tantalizing tidbits about animals, including a few that literally glitter with iridescence to confuse predators. Or maybe you’ll strike it rich after reading about Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, U.S.A., where anyone can go hunt for sparkling gems.

  • Chapter 1: Ritzy Rocks
  • Chapter 2: Extravagant Animals
  • Chapter 3: Post Post
  • Chapter 4: Magnificent money
  • Chapter 5: Wealth of Wonders
  • Chapter 6: Metalic Marvels
  • Chapter 7: Super Splurges
  • Chapter 8: Splendid Science
  • Chapter 9: Lavish Lights

Dig into info about the world’s mysterious minerals, gorgeous geodes, and ritzy rocks. Discover extravagant expenditures like Canada’s million-dollar solid gold coin. Learn all about the splendid science of diamonds that rain from the sky in space. Get the secret behind glowing bioluminescence. And go back in time to uncover palatial palaces, the riches of royalty, and other ancient treasures.  To show off the lush content in proper fashion, readers will be dazzled by hundreds of fun flashy photos throughout.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.