Celtic Mysticism, Your Personal Guide to Celtic and Druid Tradition

When we hear the word druids, we may envision people in white drapey gowns who have mystical powers and a deep connection to the earth. Druidism is deemed a shamanic religion that combines their bond with the spirit world and love for holistic herbs for healing. They were Celtic teachers, scholars, priests, and judges who were both male and female. Records are not really clean, but it’s thought that they date back to either the first or third century B.C.

When we hear the word Celt, (which means knower of the oak) we immediately relate it to people living in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Ancient ones spoke Drueidan or Daelic reflecting on their area. They also had specific beliefs, traditions, literature, music, and art, but did not record their practices. Everything was handed down by word of mouth. Today, there are modern druids Neo-Druids, who still practice connecting to nature and choose to live a peaceful life.

If you feel the calling to tap into nature and its mysteries, Celtic Mysticism, Your Personal Guide to Celtic and Druid Tradition will help you explore all the ancient secrets. Secret code: grove rituals.

Celtic Mysticism
  • Introduction
  • Early Celtic Life
  • Bards, Ovates & Druids
  • The Seven Gifts & the Five Elements
  • The Wheel of the Year
  • Druid Tools, Symbols & Knots
  • Celtic Myths, Legends & Folklore
  • Celtic Deities
  • Lore, Groves & Portals
  • Conclusion

There are a lot of interesting facts shared in this book, but here are some highlights. To the Celts, the tree is the powerful link between a person and the Otherworld. Neo-Druids live by eleven codes of conduct based on ancient Druidic teachings. It’s suggested they should be observed and practiced by all who wish to live a life of peace and respect. There are lots of lessons, several different rituals, and even instructions and guidance on how to make several different Celtic knots.

Through the lessons in Celtic Mysticism, you will get a better understanding of the ways of the Druids and enrich your life with ancient magic, medicinal plants with healing powers, and much more.

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