Chadwick Treasury Classic Stories

Very often when kids read a story, they get attached to the characters within the pages. Perhaps they like to read the story over and over because either the storyline or characters make them feel happy and all warm and cozy inside. If it’s a book series, kids are inclined to read all the books in sequence. Our home library has several different book series that family members come back to when they need a familiar and friendly story to read. Chadwick Treasury is about a little crab from the Chesapeake Bay area who is eager to be a star at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

Chadwick Treasury

Chadwick Treasury

Chadwick Treasury is a series of four stories about the adventures of this charismatic little crab and his friends who also reside in the tranquil waters of Chesapeake Bay. Kids will love Bernie the Sea Gull, Toulouse the Canada Goose, Dr. Mallard, Baron Von Heron, and other characters included in these stories.

  • Chadwick the Crab
  • Chadwich and the Garplegrungen
  • Chadwick’s Wedding
  • Chadwick Forever

The stories are not only captivating and inviting, but they also teach children some valuable lessons. Critters who live in the water and on land are affected by the blatant disregard for our planet, by careless and ignorant humans. Pollution and other environmental issues are huge problems and Chadwick tackles this subject in the second story. It’s a cry out to readers to not forget about the wildlife and their habitat.

Love weddings? Wedding shells are ringing as Chadwick gets married to his beloved Esmerelda on the Shady Creek sandbar. All was going well, that is until Esmerelda disappears… Story four talks about some animals that are on the endangered list. So if we want to continue to enjoy them on our planet, it’s up to us to take care of them. They’re all great stories that kids will enjoy reading all year round.

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