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Chandaluna Moon-Like Glow Face Lepa

Face masks of all kinds have been a topic of conversation for some time now. They are hot, make it hard to breathe and deprived us of oxygen. So our thoughts ponder over why they are necessary when the boxes they arrive in clearly say they will not protect us from any virus. I’m all for face masks if they are useful and beneficial. This brings us to another form of face mask, one that is soothing and refreshing and offers a pleasantly relaxing experience. Enter the Chandaluna Moon-Like Glow Face Lepa.

Introducing: A completely natural face mask with cleansing, glow-boosting, and physical exfoliation properties… Because Who Wouldn’t Want the Primal Indian Secret to Misty, Glowing Ageless Skin?!

Chandaluna Moon-Like Glow Face Lepa  

Chandaluna Moon-Like Glow Face Lepa Masks

But why a face mask? What is so different about a face mask that we can’t find in a cleanser? And most importantly, why does Ayurveda consider this step absolutely necessary before applying a face oil?  

Face oils are like a sheath for your skin that lock your skin’s natural moisture inside, thereby preserving your skin’s plump-ness and youthful-ness.

But along with moisture, it also traps all the dirt hidden in your pores, IF the face has not been deep-cleansed. That can result in breakouts and even infections!  

Chandaluna Moon-Like Glow Face Lepa ingredients

Only a good facial mask with completely natural ingredients and physical exfoliation properties (which you may not find in a sheet mask), unlike a cleanser, can help draw out impurities hidden beneath the top layers of the skin. Some even say, this face mask is like a mud bath, but for your face! 

iYURA’s 10-minute Ayurvedic beauty resolve to make you look younger and spotless, for real!

Shining bright like the sun during the day is passé. Chandaluna Face Lepa besets a calming, cooling and well-rested glow after its morning application and imparts a younger-looking radiance like the evergreen moon itself. 

Chandaluna Moon-Like Glow Face Lepa how to use.
  • Fight the look of aging not just nominally, but with proven results
  • Gear up your skin in the morning for the long day ahead
  • Get soothed, calm, clearer-looking skin with a plump misty glow
  • Get 15 sachets of authentic, Ayurveda lepa, which equals to facial sessions (for less than the price of one spa treatment)
  • Say bye-bye to newly appearing or longstanding look of age spots and fine lines
  • Get the moon-like luster and serenity on your face that your skin has always deserved
  • If you wake up in the morning and look completely sapped on energy and glow, this is for you!
  • 100% Natural. No synthetic chemicals or additives used
  • Vegan – Gluten-free

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