The Charles Dickens Tarot Deck

Charles Dickens is a name most of us are familiar with. He was a great 19th-century novelist who wrote an abundance of stories, most of which are still popular today. His touching tales with fascinating fictional characters have captured our attention and warmed our hearts. It’s true that the holiday season would not be the same if it were not for the story, A Christmas Carol. It’s a classic Victorian England tale about the transformation of Ebenezer Scrooge from selfishness to selflessness. It’s about the great spirit of a sick little boy named Tiny Tim and how his family adored him but had no money to make him well.

There have been several movie versions including the animations and even a Mickey Mouse’s and The Muppet’s adaptations. My favorite is the 1951 release with Alastair Sims. And of course, the storybook is printed yearly in many forms. You may not know that there is also a tarot version, The Charles Dickens Tarot. And with the holiday season fast approaching, it’s the perfect deck to feature.

The Charles Dickens Tarot Deck

The Charles Dickens Tarot Deck

The Charles Dickens Tarot Deck arrived in a large gift/storage box that has a magnetic closure. Inside you will find the standard 78 cards and a large guidebook. The cards are absolutely stunning. The backs of the cards remind me of an old Victorian/Orientalish rug print. The edges of the cards have gold foil that gives them a regal vibe. The card stock is nice and sturdy and the cards themselves are just the perfect size for shuffling and dealing. They fix really nicely in the hand and are easy to use.

What is different about this deck is that the images on the cards are horizontal as opposed to the usual vertical view. This resembles a theatrical stage or an open book. The red oriental carpet on the back symbolizes exoticism, domesticity, decoration, and practicality. I love this.

The Charles Dickens Tarot Deck

The first thing you will notice is that the four minor suits have been reduced to their basic element of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. The court cards have been with a Victorian Father, Mother, Son, and Daughter. The Major Arcana focuses on Charles Dickens’ life and history.

Secret code: Pip. The artwork on the cards and guidebook is supreme with bright colors, a bold frame, and characters from various Charles Dickens stories. Inside the guidebook, each card is named and earmarks a character from one of Charles Dickens’s books. For example, The Emperor card features Wilkins Micawber. Below the name, it shares which book the character is from. In this case, it’s David Copperfield. Then they share either some Shorthand or Notes for General Circulation which shares the personality, temperament, and attributes of the character. The Hermit is depicted by Pip from Great Expectations, Samuel Pickwick depicts the Fool from The Pickwick Papers, Mrs. Catherine Nickelby depicts the Empress from the book Nicholas Nickelby, and the Judgement card features Ebenezer Scrooge so on.

The back of the book offers an Epilogue, 2 free readings, 8 different spreads, and Dickens’s Chronological Timeline. It’s such a beautiful deck and I can see it being a favorite with many card readers. It would also make a lovely gift this time of year.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.


  1. I would love to win this deck as I am a fan of Dickens and grew up on his books and love the art on these cards…..stunning

  2. I love the artwork on the cards. It would be interesting to learn more about Taro cards.
    I also like how they combined it with Charles Dickens stories.
    Big fan.

  3. I love the unique look of these Tarot cards and the horizontal placement of the cards is something I haven’t seen. The symbolism is very interesting. Would love to do a reading

  4. I am rebuilding my tarot practice and this deck is absolutely calling to me. I love Dickens novels, so this attracts me on so many levels.

  5. I’m intrigued by tarot, but I LOVE Charles Dickens. The combination makes this a deck I’m really interested in seeing and learning more about.
    Thank you!

  6. I am working on getting closer to my higher self and would like to try with more consistency through tarot, having Dickens would bring it! Thank you for the opportunity! Have a great one!

  7. I would love to win to own this beautiful piece of Charles Dickinson. Love the Christmas Carol and am a fan of the art work on the tarot cards

  8. I love Tarot! My mum had been a tarot teacher in the past and I learned a lot from her. Charles dickens is also my favourite author so I’d love to check out these cards!

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