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The Poop King storybooks

The King of Poop Storybook

Talk to any little kid and there is a great chance they will giggle or plug their nose when they hear the word poop. It’s a kid’s power word and they like to use it obsessively when they think it will get the most laughs. Oh boy, and what about those poop emojis? Yep, kids crack up when they send one to their family and friends. Those same kids will probably enjoy reading about poop, like my newest storybook, The King of Poop! secret code: manure

The King of Poop is about a tiny dung beetle – one that was unappreciated, bullied, and abused. While poop is disgusting to all other walks of life, it’s sustenance to the dung beetle. This little dung beetle lives in Savanna and took pride in finding the perfect specimen of poop. But, to the other animals, he was a pest, a nuisance that was in everyone’s way. An elephant threatened to step on him, an ostrich told him he was ugly and couldn’t stand the sight of him, and the monkeys laughed at him, calling him unkind names. But the dung beetle took pride in his work and cared about the environment.

Noticing that his friend the dung beetle was clearly being abused and disrespected, a fly said that they should take it to the king of the forest, the lion. The reaction of the lion encouraged the little dung beetle to make a profound decision!! One that would affect the whole wild kingdom in that area and teach them a valuable lesson. It’s a great story about being kind, and brave and not letting other opinions affect us personally.

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