Cheeky Umbrella

Thunder, Thunder we hear you roar
The Heavens open and rain does pour
Washing away the winter’s dirt
We are so grateful for a refreshed Earth!

I love the rain and it’s a sure sign that Spring has arrived. This welcomed precipitation brings life to our precious earth. As much as I love the rain, I don’t like getting wet if I have to be outside in it. Having a trusting and reliable umbrella is imperative. It’s a very necessary and important piece of equipment, especially during Spring. I don’t know how many umbrellas I’ve owned that only lasted a short time, not even the whole wet season. The springs or the ribs will break or a strong wind has even inverted my umbrella leaving it totally useless.

Cheeky is a unique online umbrella company that offers us a higher quality product. They create umbrellas that are not only durable and hard-wearing but also very fashionable. Umbrellas are an accessory that can be personalized and stylized to our taste. Cheeky umbrellas are available in umpteen colorful prints and graphics with appealing finishing details. You will find an umbrella for nearly every handbag or coat you own. Or maybe you want one to make a certain outfit! They have basic to chic and hip to cute and wild styles to choose from.

I love purple and Cheeky has this gorgeous sleek Designer Classic compact umbrella with fetching feathers in contrasting black all over it. It’s so elegant and eye appealing.

It’s made with a stain, mildew-resistant and quick-drying nylon fabric. Have you ever folded up an umbrella away when it was wet? only to discover mold when you open it the next time? It’s not attractive or healthy at all.

It’s also made from a lightweight aluminum so you won’t get sore arms holding it upright. The ribs are made from flexible fiberglass that can tolerate strong winds. I live in a very windy part of Canada and it’s so easy to break umbrellas when out in these gusty conditions. It has an easy automatic spring-loaded opening and closing button. It’s quite large, 40″, so you will certainly be kept dry. It folds down to a compact 10.5 inches so it can be easily stored in a handbag, backpack, briefcase or glove compartment in your car.

All the compact umbrella’s come with a matching zip-up umbrella case that includes a charming silver pull tab. I love it when everything matches harmoniously. The zipper is sturdy and sewn perfectly straight. It glides smoothly and easily even when wet.

I had the ultimate pleasure of using this umbrella several times in our rainy tempestuous weather. This very stunning umbrella not only glowed with glamor, but it stood its ground and maintained its composure in the breezy rain. I was really impressed with its durability while still looking graceful and delicate. I love this umbrella.

Cheeky carries a selection of long and compact umbrellas for ladies, men, and kids. They will also make customized umbrellas for you and include logos and images at your request.

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.