Cheeky Umbrella

Spring is one of the loveliest seasons of the year. Everything comes to life again. The birds serenade us every morning, baby animals are born, the trees and shrubs are budding, the tulips are up and oh yes the bugs are out! It’s also the rainiest season. The rain makes all things beautiful, it’s liquid sunshine. As the saying goes, “Without rain, there would be no life or rainbows!”

I really enjoy walking in a gentle warm rain and breathing in the divine scent of the fresh earth. But, I don’t like getting wet during this peaceful walks. Some umbrellas don’t give you adequate coverage. Cheeky Umbrella has a fabulous selection of snazzy and stylish umbrellas for the whole family.

I got to enjoy several walks this Spring with my Rain on My Parade Long Umbrella designed by Cheeky Umbrella. This showy lightweight umbrella has an easy automatic button opening and a 48-inch arc so it provides me with the ultimate in cloudburst coverage. It has a slip-resistant handle, it’s stain Cheeky Umbreall with rain dropsand mildew resistant and dries very quickly because it’s made out of nylon with Teflon. The fabric feels a lot thicker and more durable than any of the other umbrellas I have around the home.

It has eight fiberglass ribs compared to 6 soft metal ribs on the other umbrella’s I have, giving more support and strength to its construction.

I live in a very windy city so I was pleased that the fiberglass ribs are flexible enough to tolerate wind pressure. Many department store umbrellas have buckled and inverted during windy rain storms and they never seem to work well after that. The Cheeky Umbrella bore the wind very well keeping its splendid curvaceous shape.

My family loves the two-tone colors, it’s black on the outside with a pattern of cheerful electric blue raindrops on every second panel, and the inside is all-electric blue. My husband does not mind using this umbrella because the colors are nice and neutral and it’s big enough to keep him dry. This umbrella is a better quality than all of my other umbrellas, it’s built to last and it shows.

Cheeky Umbrella also carries Compact Umbrella’s, Kids Umbrella’s, Clear Umbrella’s or you can Customize your own design.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.