Children’s Animal Storybooks

Children seem to have an innate eagerness and joy to pet and play with animals. Connecting with animals teaches them compassion, tenderness, empathy, and respect for living creatures. They also teach kids about hugging, cuddling and showing unconditional love. Kids are also enamored with storybooks about animals as they’re captivating and warm-hearted and make them feel all fuzzy inside. Here are a few new animal storybook releases that the kiddo’s in my family have enjoyed.

World’s Cutest Animals

World's Cutest Animals book

The Lonely Planet Kids book, Word’s Cutest Animals will have kids enthralled with the most adorable critters on the planet. With 100 precious photos of precocious wildlife, children will be introduced to animals they may never have heard of until now. The book is divided into continents and also features animals that are common worldwide. From Pygmy Hippos to Tamanduas to Adorabilis to Marmosets to Pudus to the Fennec Fox, kids can read a brief description and learn where they live. It’s a great educational resource for younger children. They will definitely cherish this delightful book.

The Little Book of Big What-Ifs

The Little Book of Big What-Ifs

The Little Book of Big What-Ifs features a variety of adorable animals posing some big questions for little readers. These questions cover a rainbow of points to ponder from serious to absolutely silly. What if you slept through your birthday? What if you go off the beaten path? Each question is enhanced with a charming illustration that kids will glean ideas from. The questions are fun and allow kids to tap into their imaginations.

Peter & Ernesto

Peter & Ernesto storybook

Peter & Ernesto, a Tale of Two Sloths is a captivating book about best friends. Even though they hang out in the same tree, they have completely different personalities. Ernesto loves the sky and wants to travel to see more sky. Peter, on the other hand, is happy with the sky above him and doesn’t feel the need to go anywhere. But, one day, Ernesto decides to go on an adventure to see more of the world. Peter refuses to go and immediately starts of worry and panic if Ernesto is okay. You can’t imagine what happens!  Yep, Peter ventures out to find Ernesto, but…! The story and images are presented in a comic book format. The illustrations are darling and the words are simple and easy for young readers. It’s a wonderful book for any family library.

Little Tiger

Little Tiger storybook

Little Tiger is a board book about a momma and baby tiger. It’s a beautifully illustrated picture book that also features a range of other jungle animals. Each page shares the movements of baby tiger and all his encounters and adventures — in essence, a day in the life of a baby tiger.  But don’t worry, mamma tiger is always nearby. The wording is simple but it also introduces the concept of rhyming. Kids will treasure flipping through the pages and experiencing time with the Tigers, over and over again.

Disclaimer: I received free product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.