Children’s Cross-Section Books

Compelled by curiosity, children eagerly want to explore the world around them. At an early age, kids want to touch, taste, push, pull, open, close, and ask unceasing questions. Kids want to know how things run, who made it, what’s inside, and many more questions. To quench their thirst for answers, a selection of Cross-Section books has been created for those young inquisitive minds.

Stephen Biesty’s Incredible Cross-Sections

Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections

Both kids and adults have been in awe at some of the most beautiful buildings in the world and wish they could see every nook and cranny inside. Stephen Biesty’s Incredible Cross-Section book offers readers a chance to see the inner workings of not only several buildings, but also transportation options from the past to our current time.

Kids can go deep into 18 of the most extraordinary buildings and awesome machines. They can explore a medieval Castle, the Observatory, a Spanish Galleon, an Ocean Liner, a Submarine, a Coal Mine, the firepower of army Tanks, an Oil Rig, a centuries-old Cathedral, a Jumbo Jet, Car Factory, a Helicopter, Opera House, Steam Train, Subway Station, Fishing Trawler, the Empire State Building, and a Space Shuttle.

Each page is filled with the inners of a building or machine. It includes a brief history and tons of fun facts and curious details sprinkled around the colorful cross-section image. Kids will see compartments, storage areas, how people lived, the inhabitants, the crew, what the toilets looked like and what they were called and so much more. There are two fold-out pages featuring a steam train and an ocean liner. Did you know that in medieval times that during a siege only the nobles bathed often? Or did you know that if there was cold weather, the crew could freeze to the metal parts in a submarine? There is so much information, kids will enjoy the experience.

Stephen Biesty’s Cross-Sections Castle

Cross-section book on castles

Castles are some of the most stunning structures built hundreds and hundreds of years ago. They’ve survived the test of time and are left for us to admire and explore. Unless you live in Europe where impressive castles are prevalent, you may never see inside them. Stephen Biesty’s Cross-Section Castle shares the detailed inner functionings of a classic medieval castle.

At the onset, kids will be introduced to the anatomy of a castle, what each section is called and who lived inside them. They’ll also learn about Defense and Seige, Garrison and Prisoners, Building the Castles, Trades and Skills, Living Like a Lord, Food and Feasting, Entertainment, Livestock and Produce, and Munitions and Punishment.

Each page is filled with interesting facts, unique trivia, and colorful illustrations. Ever heard of a gong farmer? He was the unfortunate chap who removed excrement from the privies and cesspit areas with a shovel and pail. The was not only unpleasant, but it was also extremely unhealthy. Ever wonder what it takes to build a medieval castle? All the details are shared from getting the king’s permission to stonemasons and other craftsmen to tools used to smelly walls. Living like a Lord shares all the privileges enjoyed by the nobles. They had personal servants, luxury beds, a treasury of money and rich possessions, and so much more. Or take in some jousting and castle merriment with jesters, fine food, and lots of beer. Spies and villains were widespread and many ended up in the cold and dingy dungeons. There is much to learn about medieval castles, and these illustrations bring their history to life.

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