Children’s Dreamy Storybook Bundle

Children of all ages love storybooks. These books furnish kids wild and vivid imaginations with wonder and wander. They allow kids to pretend and satisfy a playful yearning to be anything they want. Storybooks animate character’s personalities and sprinkle kingdoms and realms with magic and adventure. They can also teach honesty and integrity, encourage creativity, and deepen a desire to explore. Storybooks are wonderful.

I have a large selection of storybooks in my home and love adding new ones regularly. You can never have too many books. I recently received two enchanting storybooks from Candlewick Press that are ideal for preschoolers to kindergarten-aged children.

Kindred Spirit with Nature

The whole wide world

If you’ve ever watched little children out in nature, they are in awe of everything. A blade grass, a pretty flower, a bee, a tree, the animals and so much more. Being out in nature is important for our children’s development and that is what The Whole Wide World and Me book expands upon. It’s about a little girl who becomes one with nature. She enjoys things like grass and flowers that grow, things like butterflies and birds that fly, things that swim and live in or near a pond, the sky, and shapes of the clouds. She loves splashing in the ocean water and pretending she’s a pebble rolling down a mountain. She seems to have gratitude for the beautiful world she lives in.

The illustrations are big and filled with cheerful colors that draw a kid’s attention. The pages have very few words so kids can express their own meaning to the picture. They are eager to share smells, textures, and emotions that pop up when they view each image. It’s quite extraordinary how in tune children are with nature and the respect they have for it. The Whole Wide World and Me is perfect for a family library.

One Little Girls Dream

Stardust storybook

Stardust is about a little girl who doesn’t feel special compared to her older sister. Whatever they did, her sister always did better. Everyone in the family called her older sister a star, but no one ever called her one. She wanted to be a star too! It was her grandfather that helped her see things in perspective. He told her that everyone and everything is made from stardust and we each shine in different ways. This explanation gave this little girl the freedom to appreciate that she is a star in her own way.

We all have kids that will outshine our other kids in specific areas. This book will help young children to appreciate that we are special in our own unique way. We all have different strengths and talents and it’s okay if someone is better in some things.

The illustrations in this storybook are so beautifully done; they’re colorful and visually stimulating. Children are always willing to share what they pick up on as they study each page. Stardust is a great addition to our family library.

Disclosure: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.