Children’s Enchanting Storybooks

With the abundance of Covid restrictions, kids have a lot more free time to explore their creative side and more quiet time to pick up a book and sink into its pages. Right now, many parents have chosen to homeschool their kids, so reading is an essential skill children need to not only master, but develop a love for. While some kids might have an aversion to reading, storybooks spark kid’s imagination, launch creative ideas, and open up new worlds of possibilities. If we want our children to appreciate reading, then we need to provide them with a healthy variety of enchanting and engaging storybooks they can browse through year-round. Here are a few titles your family might enjoy.

The Little Dancer

Little Dancer storybook

The Little Dancer is a story inspired by Degas’s celebrated sculpture he fashioned after Marie Genevieve Van Goethem. Imagine being a young girl living in Paris during the 19-century. Jeanne lives with her mother Clemence who is a laundress. Jeanne has always dreamed of becoming a dancer so she and her mother went to Paris so she could take the entrance test for the ballet corp of the opera. How exciting. Success! They find a small apartment, her mom gets a job and their new life begins. The days are long and rehearsals grueling, but she continues.

One day she is asked to pose for an artist who fashions a ballerina statue after her likeness. Then the big end-of-the-year show is here and Jeanne is about to give the performance of her life. The illustrations are endearing and have a hand-painted presence. They draw readers into the life of this little ballerina, yearning to see if she succeeds.

The Magic Doll

The Magic Doll is a story about a young African woman, Ama, who marries Kwame, but has a hard time conceiving. The story is told through the eyes of the child yet to be born. A few years go by and still no child, so Kwame suggests Ama go to a carver and have a doll made. Ama took care of this carved doll like it was a real baby, in hopes it would make her more fertile. And after a few more seasons, Ama is going to have a child and the whole village is happy for her. The illustrations are beautiful and depict life in an African village.

This Thing Called Life

What is life? This Thing Called Life exposes young readers to the many shapes, sizes, forms and textures of life on this planet. Life is about reproducing, moving, growing, and eventually dying. It’s about actions, feelings, and accepting things are not always going to be in our favor. Giving, taking, hiding, surviving, screaming, fighting, fleeing, and dying. The illustrations are bold, colorful, and non-specific, but they get their message across.

All these storybooks will make a great addition to your family library. They teach values, lessons, and help kids with comprehension and sounding out words. Storybooks are invaluable.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.