Children’s Encyclopedias

Throughout a child’s academic life, they will be constantly referring to reference books that contain a plethora of educational information, written by qualified experts. These compendiums or encyclopedias are beneficial research tools for kids to broaden their knowledge and further their education. Many families have encyclopedia sets that have been handed down a few generations, but like everything else, information changes or needs updating. DK Books has some fresh new educational books that will engage, inspire and motivate young children to learn.

Knowledge Genius

Smithsonian Children's Encyclopedia

The Knowledge Genius is an insightful scholastic encyclopedia that will boost children’s intelligence, awareness, observation and educational skills. It’s divided into five large chapters, Science Geek, Nature Know-It-All, Geography Genius, History Buff, and Culture Vulture. Each section has a multitude of chapters that focus on a wide range of topics in that specific field.

Knowledge Genius is filled with colorful and realistic illustrations and packed with interesting and dynamic facts. It’s also designed to test a kid’s knowledge with three levels of quizzes – Starter, Challenger and Genius. As kids pore over the stunning photography and interesting fact, they can test their knowledge one level at a time. The answers are at the bottom of the page upside down so kids can’t easily cheat.

I found these topics captivated kids’ attention, broadened their knowledge and heightened their learning abilities. They’re eager to explore and learn more about their favorite subjects, but also had the willingness to investigate unfamiliar topics. With a broad spectrum of over 60 different fun topics covered, from Outer Space to Know Your Cats to Primate Party to the Wonders of the World to Lost Cities, there is something that will captivate or resonate with each child.

Smithsonian Children’s Encyclopedia

The Smithsonian Institution is the largest museum, education, and research complex in the world. It encompasses 19 museums and the National Zoo. Some of the interesting facts from the Smithsonian have been compiled in The New Children’s Encyclopedia. It’s stuffed with thousands of facts, stats, and illustrations where kids can glean insight and widen their knowledge and comprehension. It’s the go-to book for kids who have a thirst for knowledge or need answers to perplexing questions.

The contents of The New Children’s Encyclopedia are covered in ten amazing themed sections, Space, Earth, Environment and Ecology, Living World, Continents of the World, Culture, History and Politics, Science, Technology and The Human Body.

With more than 9,000 indexed entries and 2500 colorful photos and illustrations, children will be immediately captived and drawn into the subject. Each photo is accompanied by fascinating facts, maps, charts, timelines, keys, symbols, special features and so much more. There are also cross-references that kids can investigate to further their grasp on the subject and related topics.

Even though there is so much information packed in this encyclopedia, it’s arranged efficiently so kids can absorb facts at their pace. Bold headings make it easy for kids to the topic. Plus, there are Fast Facts, Take A Look, Did You Know and Wow sections that cover points of interest. With so much incredible information, this encyclopedia will prove to be a valuable resource for young readers.

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.