Uplifting and Mindful Books for Kids

Children’s books do more than entertain with fairytales and stories. They also educate, enlighten and engage young readers on a variety of subjects. Mindful books can also expand young hearts and open their minds. Plus, books can plant seeds of consciousness and help kids ease through uncomfortable transitions. Sounds True features children’s books that will introduce them to and lay the groundwork for mindfulness, kindness, compassion, self-care, and other personal growth skills. These attributes will greatly enhance and benefit our kid’s throughout their whole lives. Here are a few books that not only teach kids valuable lessons, but they’re enjoyable to read.

Happy Right Now

Happy Right Now, mindful of our moods and behaviors

Happy Right Now is about a little girl wishing her life was different but learns to find happiness in the moment. Many kids feel they can’t be happy until… they get a puppy, a unicorn, are popular, have their chores done and so on. This enchanting book teaches kids that they can be happy in the present moment even if their circumstances aren’t ideal. Things can’t always go our way, and sometimes a simple change in our thoughts to be happy no matter what, will make a world of difference. This book also shares ideas on how kids can create their own happiness by helping someone, giving someone a hug, crafting, and so much more. The story is written in a rhyme format, the illustrations are colorful and captivating and kids will resonate easily with the little girl.

Dinosaur Yoga

Dinosaur Yoga, mindful of the benefits of yoga

Dinosaur Yoga is a fun book that introduces kids to the joy of yoga. It’s about a bunch of dinosaurs who are tired of scaring, crashing, bashing, thrashing through the trees. Even though they are big and awkward, they want to learn yoga. After all, if dinosaurs can do yoga, anyone can, right? The dinosaurs are on yoga mats where they take deep breaths and practice a number of different yoga poses. They are centered, mindful and stretch, stomp and snort their way through the yoga poses. And they love it! The back of the book features a Dinosaure Yoga Flow featuring all the included stances and a Dinosaure Fun Facts page. The illustrations are done in watercolor paints and they encourage kids to try a yoga pose.

Hello, Sun!

Hello Sun, Salutations and being Mindful

Hello, Sun! A Yoga Sun Salutation to Start Your Day is an endearing storybook that teaches kids to be mindful of Mother Earth, to have gratitude and to start their day with some yoga poses. The words rhyme and the illustrations are colorful and whimsical. The book features a little girl outdoors practicing certain yoga poses. She stretches, breaths and begins and ends her morning with the Mountain Pose. She also says a prayer as she greets the new day. Kids are encouraged to try the poses and embrace Kind thoughts, Kind words and a Kind heart. The back of the book has all the poses along with instructions. Plus, the author explains what a Sun Salutation and Sunshine Meditation are. Hello, Sun is a cheerful book that kids will appreciate and learn a few yoga poses.

The Yeti & The Jolly Lama

Yeti and Jolly Lama, mindful of different friendships

The Yeti & The Jolly Lama, a Tale of Friendship. The book takes readers to the high mountains of Tibet where a kindly old lama lives. A nearby village is dealing with a Yeti that is fierce, mean and destroyed their crop. One day, after the lama finished his meditation, he went to the village to enjoy the midsummer festival, but no one was around. All the villagers were scared and would not come out of their homes. But the lama convinces the villagers that it would be safe to have the festival because the Yeti was well fed. After three days of merriment, the villagers give the lama lots of supplies and he goes home. Every night the lama prayed for peace and happiness not only for the village, but the Yeti and the whole world. Kids will be inspired to do the same.

One night the Yeti found the lama and was about to pounce when suddenly he felt the warm love of the lama. The lama was not afraid, but instead mindful and offered food and drink to the Yeti. As time went by, they became dear friends. The Yeti even made friends with the villagers. Many people do not believe the Yeti or Sasquatch people are real, but many have encountered them. This book shows that they are not beasts, but conscious beings that give and need love and can be your best friend.

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