Choices and Illusions

Remember as a kid you had big dreams for yourself? You envisioned yourself in a specific vocation, living in a home of your dreams with a life partner that completely compliments your personality. But, as life unfolds we may have taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ended up somewhere totally different. How did this happen and can we do something about it?

Choices and Illusions is an insightful book that will explain the science of thinking and beliefs, how our minds work, how others control our minds, why things don’t jive for us and how we can reach our true potential.

Choices and Illusions

Choices and Illusions is a combination of spirituality and science that will increase your knowledge of mind and choice. The author explains how some of the choices we make are taken hostage subliminally by the media, our peers, our surroundings and much more. We tend to believe what we see and hear and end up rethinking the same thoughts. We establish certain patterns of thought in our subconscious, where they’re held prisoner. They really don’t serve us and prevent us from achieving our goals.

Take heart, the book shares powerful ways that we can take our power back through several steps. We can become our own hero by using the power of our mind. We can choose the thoughts we want our subconscious to grip and act out. The book comes with a 55 minute Inner Talk program called Unlimited Personal Power.

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