Choosing Raw Recipe Book

Many of us have attempted to embark on a path that leads to vibrant health. We’ve tried all the exercise fads and gimmicks, and every goofy diet trend the infomercials offer, right? But we might not be any closer to feeling energetic, alive, and happy. Sometimes we lose focus on our diets, or get so uptight that we may over complicate things, been there! Maybe we have digestion issues, bloating, gas, or absorption problems that don’t seem to get resolved no matter what we eat. Perhaps getting back to a basic diet of raw foods could be the answer we’re looking for.

Choosing Raw is a beautiful transition and how-to book that will give guidance where other books may have lacked clear instructions or just downright failed you.

This book was written by someone who has walked the walk. Having health issues herself, author Gena Hamshaw was guided to a raw food diet, where through trial and more trials, she was able to create a food plan that worked for her. She shares all her tips, techniques, and knowledge in her life-changing book Choosing Raw. It’s well written, enjoyable to read, pumped with eye-opening information, and easy to grasp concepts, and will reboot your taste buds. You can totally feel the enthusiasm, passion, and love imbued in each and every page of this book, and I couldn’t wait to try out some of the recipes.

There are 125 delicious and satisfying recipes that come with clear instructions and are made with foods you probably have in your home anyway. As with most of us, when approaching a new journey, diet, regime, we may not know where to start. Gena has taken all the guesswork out of her 21 Days Meal Plan.

You’ll be introduced to the basics, the 15 essentials first recipes that you will most likely make all the time. These recipes are so simple to make and taste like more. You can mix or switch meal suggestions and low maintenance or higher protein menu is provided as well. There are three levels of meal creating, Level 1 is the easiest with the ‘tried and true’ options, they’re quick to make and loaded with abundant nutrients. Level 2 kicks up a notch with more complex recipes, and Level 3 is for those who don’t mind the extra little-detailed steps needed to create tasty meals and desserts.

We are shown how to balance our meals with the proper ratio of carbs, fats, proteins, and minerals. As much as I love tofu, I didn’t realize how much it disrupts our hormones. If you’re having an issue with bloating, maybe you didn’t know that proteins and carbs should be eaten separately due to the different enzymes required to digest them. There is so much more!

I tried several of the recipes and they are incredibly easy and super quick to make. The payoff to all the recipes is the fabulous taste. We love the Chocomole, it’s one of those recipes that you can make all year round, it’s perfect for a summer picnic or a Xmas party. Okay, I admit that I typically go to the dessert section first, but with this book, I enjoyed all the diverse options.

As you introduce these healthy and nutritious recipes into your diet, you may start to notice a shift or a sense of wellness start to flow through your body. When your body finally gets the much-needed nutrients to thrive, from the raw foods you’ve eaten, then life will only get better and better. Choosing Raw is a book that I personally believe even meat-eaters will enjoy and will resonate with many of the recipes. I love this book and highly recommend it to anyone seeking well-being or just wanting to make healthier food choices. You just can’t go wrong with this book.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.