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Chris’s Healing Cancer Coaching Program Starts Today

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Do you want to know the best program to watch tonight? It’s the SQUARE ONE Cancer Coaching Program.

**********Watch Online for FREE Tonight!!**********

Module 1 goes LIVE Tomorrow Night (Saturday Sept 12th) at 9pm EST (6pm Pacific).

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing information about the free screening of SQUARE ONE and about the man who created it, Chris Wark. Chris was diagnosed with Stage IIIc colon cancer in 2003. He made the courageous decision to opt-out of chemo, and today he is alive and well, cancer-free, and in the best shape of his life!

Now, Chris is sharing how he beat cancer through his SQUARE ONE Cancer Coaching Program and it STARTS TONIGHT!

SQUARE ONE details the exact strategies Chris used to heal cancer, including his “anti-cancer diet,” mind-set, detox protocol, spirituality, supplementation, testing, elimination of fear and stress, and a whole lot more.

Chris is putting the entire SQUARE ONE program (all 10 modules) online for you to watch for FREE, starting with Module 1 TONIGHT at 9:00 PM EASTERN.

If you want to prevent cancer or not be knocked down by fear if faced with a cancer diagnosis, this program is for you!

SQUARE ONE takes you step by step through the healing process in a simple, straightforward way that is hopeful and empowering without being overwhelming or confusing.

**********« Watch this short video about SQUARE ONE and reserve your spot. »**********

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