Christmas Cooking for Dummies

Getting ready for the holiday season can be stressful unless you’ve started planning earlier in the year. Even then, there always seems to be something we’ve forgotten, and then the panic is on. In our home, Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year and I’d like it to be perfect. Aside from the gifts, a lot of the holiday magic focuses on the scrumptious meals we prepare. Many of us will have oodles of company; family from distant parts and the kids will be home from school. This can overwhelm us unless we have a plan, a menu, or at least some sort of guideline to follow.

Christmas Cooking for Dummies is here to help put your fears to rest so you can enjoy the festive season without any stress, okay maybe with less stress. We want to put on a big and delicious spread and this book will make it hassle-free.

Christmas Cooking for Dummies is neatly broken down and organized into six parts, each with helpful and useless tips, tools, techniques, and advice on more than just cooking.

Part I: Gearing Up for Christmas Cooking
This section gets you organized and prioritizing. Chapter 2 is all about your inventory and making sure your pantry has all the fixin’s for a great meal. You’ll also want the right cookware, utensils, and equipment ready beforehand. Chapter 3 delves into the menu and shopping list.

Part II: Holiday Meals: Opening Act
Chapter 4 focuses on the beverages you will be serving to your family and guest. The rest of this section is followed up soups, salads, and appetizers.

Part III: Holiday Meals: The Main Event and Sideshows
This part contains main dishes for breakfast and dinner as well as your side dishes and condiments. There’s a lovely recipe for Apple Raisin Croissant Breakfast Pudding that easy to make and deliciously festive. The rest of this section is totally devoted to making all your meals a success, right down to the minute details.

Part IV: Holiday Meals: Finishing Touches
Hmm, my favorite section. You guessed it, it’s all about visions of sugarplums, Christmas cookies, candies, and confections. Chapter 12 is equally as yummy, it shares information on cakes, pies, puddings, tart, and trifle. The Chocolate Pecan Pie is on my list of desserts I will be serving this year. Not to be forgotten is a helpful and enjoyable chapter on baking breads, scones, and muffins.

Part V:  It’s Looking a Lot Like Christmas: Decorations and Gifts
Yes, this section is all about decking your halls with the holiday spirit. Ever make a gingerbread house before; the instructions look so easy, it would be tempting to make one. There is nothing like edible gifts and chocolate is usually number one on most wish lists. How about whipping up some chocolate Covered Pretzels or some Chocolate Peppermint Bark? Both recipes are included. This section winds down with the Ten Best Holiday Cooking & Entertaining Tips.

  • 100 delicious recipes for hassle-free holiday meals, including Warm White Bean Dip, Four-Cheese
  • Spinach Lasagne, and Chocolate Truffle Tart
  • Tips, checklists, and charts, plus step-by-step guides and shopping lists for special holiday meals, including a Christmas Tree-Trimming Party
  • A special section on Christmas decorating and food gifts from the kitchen
  • 16 pages of color photos featuring holiday meal recipes and kitchen-made gifts and decorations

Every section in Christmas Cooking for Dummies has several recipes to savor over. I was amazed at the tips offered; there were things I never thought of that would certainly simplify the big day. Need help carving a turkey, how about an odd-shaped tone? This book is loaded with humor and lots of Santa’s little helpers, it’s a must-have for every home!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.