Christmas Slippers for Babies

Holiday shopping is in full swing and most of us have made decisions on which gifts we are buying for specific people. But, if you’re like me, you might like to make a lot of your gifts. I love to knit and crochet and the people in my circles appreciate handmade items. I especially enjoy making gifts for babies. There are so many cute things you can make for babies of all sizes, but I’m kinda fond of booties.

I have several different booty patterns, but none of them are really holiday-inspired. So, I came up with a few of my own designs and used only Christmas colors.

I have an adult pattern for ski boot slippers and fashioned these baby slippers after them. It didn’t take very long to make them or used very much yarn. They’re so cute, you can use them as tree ornaments as well.

I make another pair of Ski Booties but in different colors. Very often I’ll use variegated yarn because it adds so much personality to the pattern.

I love holly berries. They are symbols of the holiday season. I made a pair of white baby slippers with a red band in the center, crawl stitch around the top and decorated them with a holly cluster. So cute!

So, I had some high tops in mind when I made these slippers. They’re still trendy footwear and I thought it would be cute to make a pair of baby slippers. I tried to create some stars on the slippers, but they didn’t translate so well. That’s the beauty of crocheting, you can use the single crochet as a cross-stitch grid. I can change the design quickly and add a different cross-stitch pattern in just a few minutes.

The slippers made here are for 3 – 6-month-old babies. If you go online, you can find a plethora of free crocheted baby slipper patterns. It’s easy to add your own flavor or change the color to reflect the holiday season.

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