Christmas Storybooks for Children

During the holiday season, kids love to be involved in all the fun festivities. Baking, decorating and snuggling around the fireplace with a holiday-inspired book are enjoyable things we look forward to all year. Plus it gets the whole family involved. Storytime is always special because all the books focus on the wonders of Christmas. We all have our favorite storybooks, and we love some classics like A Christmas Carol, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Night Before Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. But we also like to add new storybooks to our collection and here are three we adore.

Merry Christmas Little Elliot

Merry Christmas Little Elliot is a heartwarming story about two friends Elliot and Mouse. Elliot wasn’t really in the holiday spirit, so they went to go see Santa. Elliot asked Santa if he could give him the holiday spirit, but was told he would have to find it himself. He and mouse went to a lot of places looking for the holiday spirit, but it was nowhere to be found. While sitting on a park bench, the wind blew a letter right onto Elliot’s face. It was a letter to Santa. They quickly rushed back, but Santa was gone. Elliot takes matters into his own hands. He reads the letter and sets out to make this right. The ending was so endearing that the kiddo’s had tears pooling in their eyes. The artwork is colorful, appealing and kids can make out the plot just from the pictures. It’s a very touching story that personifies the spirit of Christmas.

Tough Cookie: A Christmas Story

Imagine walking down a street and out of a bakery comes a cookie shouting he is sweet. This is what happened to a fox as he was visiting Christmas Town in the Land of Holiday Treats. The cookie also said he was really fast and dared the Fox to catch him. Of course, the fox couldn’t resist. He chased the cookie, caught him and chomped on him. But very quickly the fox spit the cookie out and said he tasted terrible. The cookie¬†was shocked and very sad that he wasn’t delicious. With the help of the fox, they figure out what this tasteless cookie’s purpose. The back of the book has several recipes for kids to try out and make their own Tough Cookie. The graphics are festive and the storyline is charming.

Lucy Fell Down the Mountain

Sometimes you just have a bad day. This is the story about Lucy who fell down a mountain. Along the way down, she falls into a mountaineer, who did not send a rope to help. She also meets a bird attached to a bungee cord, but no it wasn’t a bungee, so she continues to fall. She lands in a cave. Inside is a pile of bears who do not want her in their cave, so they toss her out. She huddles to get warm and starts rolling further down the mountain until she is a giant snowball. Oh gosh, can it get any worse? Guess what happened? … Not telling!

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