Clarity Tarot Deck

It’s the beginning of a new year and we are longing for change… a good change that has the highest and best interest for mankind and the planet. Having gone through lockdowns, isolations, quarantines, and rigid and sometimes ridiculous rules changed each and every one of us. Perhaps some of us are more bewildered and feel off center, off balance, and off track, while others may have gotten some insight into what trajectory they want to steer their lives toward.

Even though some of us lost our jobs, it opened up opportunities for reflection and positive change that we may not have been receptive to before. And still, others feel they need more clarity before they make any decisions or lifestyle changes. The Clarity Tarot Deck may be just what you need to tap into some guidance, enlightenment, and messages that your soul needs to hear as you traverse the challenges life throws your way and navigate your future consciously.

Clarity Tarot Deck

I’m a big fan of Red Feather tarot decks. They seem to create decks that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also unique when compared to other decks. Sometimes they create a deck that you immediately connect with and feel drawn to. That is how I feel about the Clarity Deck. This deck just feels right and I love all its attributes. But, there are pros and cons that may reflect on whether you invest in this deck or not.

The Clarity Tarot Deck comes in a nice-sized box that is thick, sturdy, and durable. Honestly, I’ve never seen such a hardy box – it’s going to have longevity for sure. I love that it’s not a big gaudy box, but a compact box that is easy to open and store. The deck comes with the standard 78 cards and a fairly thick guidebook that is the same size as the cards. The cards are on the thin side and quite flexible. Some may prefer thicker cards, but I like how easy they are to shuffle.


Hierophant tarot card

Power over religious industries, representing the man-made churches and their texts. Can mean teacher or counselor.

Page of Swords

Page of Swords tarot card

A thoughtful message, full of energy, passion, new ideas, intellectual communication and planning.

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups tarot card

This is the wish card, the card of joyful optimism and celebrations of all kinds. A generous nature of sincere goodwill.

The card edges have gold gilding that makes them shine so brightly. The artwork on the cards is so bold, bright, and absolutely gorgeous. I just love all the deliberate colors, symbols, and illustration combinations that make up each individual card. They are so unique that you want to absorb every inch of them. Each card also has a Y for yes or an N for no in the upper left corner, plus some keywords for Love and Money, which are some of the most popular wants. Personally, I think these prompts are great, especially if you are a newbie to tarot. They’re designed to keep you on track, but if you feel a different vibe, go with your heart.

The guidebook has a lot more material than most. Although it does not have any images, it’s packed with additional information that will make card reading easier. It’s divided into four parts and a very cool introduction which includes What Makes this Deck Unique, *Keywords on Love and Money, *Easy Yes/No Answers, *Timing is Everything, *Rich Cultural Images, and *The Design.

Part One covers how to use the deck. Part Two covers What’s in a Number, Superpowers, The Court Cards, and Getting to Know the ‘Families’ Personality Traits of Each Suit. Part Three is all about the Major Arcana and lastly, Part Four covers How to Give Awesome Readings with Spreads and Throws. Plus, what is really exciting, the back of the guidebook features a Cheat Sheet where you can quickly reference each card and its meaning. That’s so amazing. The last few pages talk about Serving the World as a Hotline Advisor and using Tarot as a business. It’s an awesome deck that is beaming with good vibes. I can see it being used as your main source for tarot readings.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.