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Cleanalyn Tulsi, a Natural Poly-Herbal Jelly

Kick Petroleum Jelly out of your dresser, now! 

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Why? Because:

  1. It’s a byproduct of the oil industry (read: non-eco-friendly)! 
  2. Its thick texture aggravates skin conditions like acne and rosacea 
  3. Its locking properties also lock in bacteria, dirt and sweat 
  4. It’s derived from crude oil and petrochemicals that are linked to cancer in their unrefined state! 
  5. It leaves a grease-like residue
  6. It does NOT have its own moisturizing properties 
  7. It does NOT contain ANY nutrition-adding ingredients!

Makes you really re-think what you’ve been feeding your skin, right?

But now, this plastic-like binding Petroleum Jelly has a worthy opponent – a completely Natural, Herbal, Ayurvedic Jelly!

Cleanalyn Tulsi Natural Jelly

Treat excessive dryness, moisturize and retain hydration in your skin and even brighten it with a clinically proven all-natural jelly!

Cleanalyn Tulsi, a Natural Poly-Herbal Jelly

A CLINICALLY PROVEN Natural Jelly that is much more than just an occlusive made of chemical waste. One that, in a clinical trial, outperformed commonly used big-brand Petroleum Jelly by providing:

  • Significantly more softness to the skin as compared to Petroleum Jelly, even after 24 hr of application
  • Moisturizationto skin for up to 48 hrs
  • Skin firmness up to 6 hrs
  • Skin brightness up to 48 hrs
  • Skin luminosity and a healthier look

Do you know what makes it even more special?  

This natural jelly marks a revolution in skincare, as there has been NO OTHER natural alternative to Petroleum Jelly when it comes to moisturization, that has 3 traditional Ayurvedic Oil formulations with 50 Ayurvedic herbs, spices and base oils, prepared using a 5,000-year-old method of oil-cooking.  

Braving a labor-intensive, days-long process, this CLINICALLY PROVEN natural jelly along with being an ultra-humectant (hydrating) and a superb emollient (moisturizing), is also a wonderful and non-intrusive occlusive (binds moisture and hydration in) that prevents trans-epidermal water loss! 

Cleanalyn Tulsi, a Natural Poly-Herbal Jelly

But, it’s more than just an occlusive jelly! It’s a 7-in-1 Multipurpose Natural Jelly that can be used as:

Hand Cream

Intense moisturization, along with a pleasant non-sticky texture that will not leave your hands uncomfortably greasy or cracking dry.

Face Cream

Can be used on dry skin anywhere, even on the face in extremely dry conditions without fearing breakouts or clogging of pores! It helps make the skin appear less ‘leathery’, ‘crepey’ or ‘wrinkle-y.’ It hydrates, moisturizes and juices up the appearance of the skin!

Foot Cream

IT will transform even the driest feet in as little as just one use! And, you’ll get splendid results on repeated use.


Intensely moisturizes and softens chapped lips and makes look and feel plumper.

Body Butter

Non-sticky texture helps create the most friendly barrier on skin all over the body that moisturizes and soothes as well as protects the moisture from evaporating.


Can be used on dry elbows, corners of the mouth, fingers, knees, ankles, etc to treat dryness.

Body Balm

Soothes extremely dry, scaly skin and gives a rich moisturizing and nourishing sensation that is unlike an oil or a cream.

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