Clue The Classic Mystery Game ~ Solve the Spring Break Whodunit!

Winter can be extremely frigid and a little long-winded. This means way more time trapped indoors and this can lead to some serious cabin fever. Kids get bored easily and it’s good to have some sanity-saving ideas ready for those moments. When our family has some leisure time, we like to get together and do fun stuff, bake cookies, make popcorn, watch movies, do puzzles, and play lots of board games.

Hasbro is the epitome of lifelong fun. They create oodles of toys and games for all ages. We recently got the chance to play the time-honored game Clue. It’s been a super hit amongst families for ages. Well, now there is a new version and it has a double-sided gameboard. The game comes with a two-sided board, yellow envelope, clue sheets, 27 clue cards, 3 red bonus cards,  6 character tokens, 6 weapon tokens, 2 dice and instructions.

Clue board game

The characters are still the same: Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock, Miss Scarlet, Mr. Green, and Professor Plum. Each player has a pawn color to match their name. The crime takes place either in the mansion or on the boardwalk, that’s right a new and exciting crime scene. The Boardwalk has six places you need to investigate and rule out, they are: the Surf Shop, Beach House,  Arcade, Ferris Wheel, Jest Ski Rentals and lastly the Beach. Your job is to use your spidey senses and detect who murdered your host and where and with what!

clue board game pieces

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve played this game. It’s so exciting to experience a new and dangerous twist. And you thought the beach was safe…. We spent hours and hours playing this game and it’s always thrilling to work our way through the clues and be the first to discover and openly accuse the guilty fiend!! It’s an awesome game for the whole family. For 3 – 6 players, ages 8+.
Disclaimer: I received a product for review only. The opinions expressed here are my own, yours may differ.