Co-creating at Its BEST with Wayne Dyer

You are not facer of reality. You are creators of reality! – Abraham

If you’re a metaphysical person or are just open-minded to all forms of beliefs, then you’ve most likely heard of Wayne Dyer and Ester Hicks. Wayne is a self-help & developmental author and motivational speaker. He’s written a plethora of books that help lead us to a better understanding of how self-operates and how we can transform any area of our life. Ester Hicks is a motivational speaker, has co-authored several books with her husband Jerry and offers workshops all over the world. She is a channel for a collective group of entities, a vibration if you will, known as Abraham. This collective offers blocks of thought to Ester, and she finds the right physical words to interpret these blocks of thought.

Both Wayne & Ester are two of the most spiritual and inspirational speakers and master teachers, so when they decided to collaborate, you can only imagine the energy emitting from these magical, insightful and valuable sources. The name alone speaks volumes of its content: Co-creating at Its BEST!

Co-creating at Its BEST

In this enlightened collaboration, Wayne is asking the Collective Consciousness Abraham, a series of questions that will expand our minds and hearts. Each question is answered concisely and has its own designated chapter with the question as the title.
Co-creating at Its BEST
As I pour over the Co-creating at Its BEST information, the wealth of knowledge shared and explained is phenomenal; you can’t help but feel an energy buzz. The book is saturated with high vibration life lessons. Source is always with you and this book shares how to align yourself with this energy and stay aligned. You’ll also learn how our emotions play a vital role in our reality. I found the comments on affirmations helpful and very enlightening. I love the information on how focusing on good-feeling things and thinking, writing and talking more about what we do want instead of what we don’t want, gets us to a space of allowing and receiving. Their advice on parenting, the 17-second rule, dealing with bad news, is there a hell and can you share a soul is extremely useful.

Co-creating at Its BEST
Once you’ve read this book, you’ll be compelled to reread areas that resonate with you. As you absorb and meditate on the information, you’ll find your thoughts and therefore your life, making small shifts and your reality slowly changing. You’ll finally be living at your best. It’s a book co-created with a tremendous love for mankind’s benefit and well being.

This engaging conversation was also taped and recorded so all means of learning are available for all walks of life. I personally am a visual learner so I resonate with DVD’s, others may prefer to listen to the audio, or the book may be a perfect comfort.

All three resources are available online and in your favorite bookstore! I highly recommend them!