Colorful Crochet Knitwear Patterns

We’ve had our first snowfall and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Although I’m not crazy about snow, it’s a sign that the holiday season is fast approaching… starting off with Halloween. Lots of neighbors have their spooky decorations up and we’re expecting a deluge of kids. For me, it’s a great time to stay indoors with a hot drink and blog, craft, and maybe enter some contests.

With the cooler weather already upon, thoughts of snuggly and toasty wearables like sweaters and mitts are on our minds. If you are a crafter and enjoy knitting or crocheting your cool-weather garments and accessories, then you’ve probably already started making them. Or maybe you are pouring through your patterns looking for some inspiration. I like to make new items every year, so naturally, I’m perusing the web for fresh ideas. As an avid crocheter, I found a pattern book that features crochet patterns that look like knitwear. Of course, I had to have it!

COLORFUL Crochet Knitwear

The Colorful Crochet Knitwear is more than just a basic crochet pattern book. In this publication, you’ll make garments using unique techniques like mosaic, intarsia, tapestry and stripes, and colorblocking crocheting.

The Projects

  • Wabi Sabi hat and mittens
  • Commuovere pullover
  • Iktsuarpok tank top
  • Ailyak pullover
  • Hygge jacket
  • Fernweh tank top
  • Lagom pullover
  • Merak hat and cowl
  • Pana Po’o summer top
  • Gigil cardigan
  • Forelsket shawl
  • Jayus cardigan

As you thumb through the book, you’ll notice each crochet technique is explained in detail along with full-color finished swatches. Plus, you will get to practice each technique and make a small sample. You’ll also get tips on selecting the right color combinations and fibers for your projects. Color is a universal language and it’s a way for you to express who you are and how you feel with each garment. There are so many options when choosing a color palette for your garments from complementary colors to analogous colors to warm and cool colors to triadic colors to tetradic colors to shades within one hue. You can really have a lot of fun with this option.

The next section covers different yarns, fibers, and weights that need to be considered with each project. We need to ponder the pros and cons of each and make a conscious decision about which is best for a specific garment.

Next, you will traverse through the different colorful crochet techniques one at a time. And then put them to use in the included patterns. Each pattern features a full-color image, color charts, keys and written instructions. I love the names – they are from different countries and have beautiful meanings. The back of the book has valuable project information for sizes, yardage, and general techniques that include abbreviations and basic stitches.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.