Coloring Book Self-Care

As we approach a year of living under the oppression, fear, and quarantine of Covid, self-care is paramount. Taking the time to nurture our emotional health and well-being will play a huge role in keeping us happy and joyful with a positive disposition. We will experience spurts of anxiety, depression, sadness, and stress, but they can be offset by tapping into our creativity. Personally, I find crafting – knitting, and crocheting a great way to zone out and get into that tranquil zen space. You may prefer to chill out with some eclectic coloring books where you can relax your brain and focus on the solitude and peace of the present moment. Coloring is a great way to escape the stressors and triggers of daily life and many adults have visited this pastime for numerous reasons. Below are a few new coloring book releases that may add some calm to your life.

The Botanicum Special Edition coloring book

The Botanicum Special Edition coloring book consists of 104 double-sided, durable coloring pages representing all four seasons. They’re filled with whimsical and fairytale images of floral gardens, enchanting scenes, and captivating critters. Add your favorite colors to bluebells, bunnies, bees, butterflies, and birds, or frolicking fairies, fragrant flowers, and fresh fauna. Splash vibrant hues and romantic undertones on the castles, cabins, and courtyards within these etheric pages and make them come alive. There are also several pages with black backgrounds that add a different energy and dynamics to the image.

Color Quest Wonderland coloring book

The Color Quest Wonderland is a fun seek-and-find coloring book. Within its 50 pages, you’ll find a deluge of intriguing treasure hunts for puzzlers and color-happy artists of all ages. Each page offers a new experience and adventure with a unique theme. Explore a haunted house, college dorm, museum, city park, restaurant, candy shop or stuff closet. At the bottom of each page is a list of words and your job is to find that hidden object on the page and color it. The images are playful and legible, but still, some are a challenge to find. The pages are perforated so kids can hang their works of art on the fridge or paste them into their activity books. There are hours and hours of fun to be had with this busy coloring book.

Mythographic Enchanted Castles coloring book

The Mythographic Enchanted Castles coloring book is where you can escape into the imaginative realms of fairytales and make-believe. Filled with 40 hand-drawn illustrations, each page features a collaboration of winsome architecture, delicate florals, and hypnotizing backgrounds. Probe and sift through the detailed illustrations and you’ll discover hidden objects on each page. All the pages are perforated so you can display your works of art.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own.