Come Back Dear Sun Storybook

Often I will have various family members drop off their young offsprings to spend the weekend or sometimes just a night. I like to think ahead and make some fun plans like baking, playing games, doing some crafts and having some fun books on hand. There is no shortage of a child wanting a hug, a cookie, a toy, and a mesmerizing story read to them.

Bedtime is a favorite time believe it or not. We like to have a small snack and read several bedtime stories. Although we love fairytales it’s nice to read a book with a positive message. Recently the kids and I got the opportunity to read a delightful children’s book called Come Back Dear Sun.

This charming story is about two endearing sisters Kaylee and Mattie who are sad because it’s been a very long time since they’ve seen the sun. They devise an ingenious plan to talk to the moon and find out why the sun is gone. With their parent’s permission, the girls decide to camp outside and have a sleepover. Kaylee and Mattie invite their friends Lilly and Fran over so they can be a part of this important venture.

My little kids loved this story. They wanted to be invited to the sleepover so they could help too. The whole story is well written in rhymes so it has a fluid and bouncy flow to it. It didn’t take long for the kids to memorize several of the verses. The colors are vivid and inviting and images are discernible in the night illustrations. The kids were captivated with the pictures and commented on everything they liked. The girls are cute and adorable with their angelic big wide eyes and their very attractive little bunny and kitten slippers.

All of us really like the reason and the lesson behind the story. The theme is very positive and shows just how much kids can accomplish when something is meaningful to them. It also showed how creative kids can be, how well they worked as a team and how they were willing to share this responsibility. It’s an excellent children’s book and I know they would love to read it. Our family loved it!

Disclaimer: I received products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.