The Complete 10-Day Detox Diet Plan & Cookbook

When we think of doing a detox, visions of deprivation with weird and tasteless food combinations may drift through our subconscious. Or, maybe we imagine juicing bland, boring and unappealing veggies. Either way, it’s a big turn off, right? Well, you could detox that way, but my new book The Complete 10 – Day Detox Diet Plan & Cookbook will show you a more scrumptious way.

The Complete 10 - Day Detox Diet Plan & Cookbook

The Complete 10-Day Detox offers 150 delicious yet effective recipes that will encourage toxins to leave your body while satisfying our taste buds. The book starts out by sharing what kind of environmental toxins and pollutants we are exposed to and how we ingest them. Do you know what the dirty dozen are? This is an eye-opener; if you have any health issues, this chapter will enlighten you.

Did you Know? Here are some facts that may startle you!

•Did you know environmental toxins have largely been found to disrupt the hormonal system and can increase our risk of cancer
• Did you know that approximately 90-98% of the average exposure to PCBs comes from dietary intake
• Eating a plant-only diet that includes vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and beans as protein sources instead of meat, fish and dairy can greatly reduce the exposure to PCBs
• Did you know: formaldehyde gets into the air and is absorbed by the lungs, so it is important when buying new furniture or rugs that contain the preservative, to let them sit and air out
• Women can be exposed to up to 50 mg of parabens a day from cosmetics use
• Children are most affected by environmental toxins during fetal development or infancy
• About 3 million pesticide poisonings occur a year, with 220,000 deaths worldwide due to pesticides, primarily in developing countries, according to the World Health Organization
• Why are we so concerned about the health of bees and how neonicotinoids may affect their health
• Did you know there is no such thing as a ‘pest’? Every species exists for a reason and is important to the health of the ecosystem

The second section talks about food allergies and which foods and toxins encourage and exacerbate this condition. It also covers conditions like Celiac Disease, gluten sensitivity, autoimmune disease, and so much more. Throughout the book, you’ll find FAQ sections and ‘Did You Know’ boxes on the pages or margins that highlight major information. I thought it was thoughtful and emotionally stirring that they go into the harmful impact toxins have on the wildlife. It’s heartbreaking that the animals on land, in the air, or in the water suffer because of man’s ignorance or blatant disregard for their lives. Don’t get me started!!

The last section goes right into the 10-Day Detox Diet and the yummy recipes we will eat while following the plan. It covers:

*Juices & Smoothies
*Breads & Muffins
*Snacks & Appetizers
*Dips, Spreads & Sauces
*Salads & Dressings
*Beans, Peas & Lentils
*Vegetables & Grains

Detoxing is essential if we want to keep our mind, body, and spirit healthy and vibrant. But, it doesn’t have to be brutal or boring as The Complete 10-Day Detox Diet Plan & Cookbook shows. To your health!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.