Core Strengthening & Sexy Abs

Though the holidays season and festive treats might detour us from our healthy diet for the moment, it’s good to remember that summer will be here in no time. I know, most you don’t want to hear the ‘e’ word. You got it, exercise! Getting that beach-ready body will take commitment, and it all starts with our core. Aside from having sexy abs, a strong core stabilizes our entire body. Two books that can get you ready for bikini weather are Core Exercise in Action, and Core Training Anatomy.

Core Training Anatomy.

The core muscles are the deep muscles that lie close to the spine and provide structural support for the entire body. They are divided into two groups: major core and minor core muscles. The major core muscles reside on the trunk and include the belly area and the mid and lower back. Clearly having a strong and healthy core will be to our advantage.

The first part of the book starts off with stretches for your whole body. Once you start doing them, it feels good to see you can stretch further each week. As you go through the book, there are numerous exercises that can be adapted to any fitness level. Each exercise has an image of a person doing the exercise, as well as a diagram showing the muscles used and the benefits received. There are a few sample workouts at the back of the book, as well a poster that you can hang on your wall to follow along. This book is so detailed and completely focused on getting you a strong core that leads to a healthy body.

Core Exercise in action

The Core Exercise in Action has a lot of the same exercises as the previous book but covers the use of more exercise equipment. They also amp it up with anatomical and motion exercises. I really like these; you can see all the positions of the exercise visually. It offers tips on correct performance for each exercise, warm-up and stretching routines, and specially designed programs for a rockin’ core strength workout. There are exercises for all fitness levels as well.

Both books are phenomenal and offer sound advice and exercise that will sculpt our bodies into beautiful forms. If you know a health enthusiast or someone who wants to focus on getting a healthier body, then these books check all the boxes. New Year’s resolutions are only a few weeks away, and these books will have you looking awesome just in time for summer. They’re also ideal stocking suffers!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.