Counting Sheep Coffee

Globally, people have had a love affair with coffee for decades. The ambrosial smell, the smooth rich flavor, and the huge buzz you get from a cup of java are addictive. It’s pure rocket fuel in a mug to help blast through your day ahead. The trouble is, once lunch is over, most of us can no longer consume this chorus kicking beverage because we’ll be bouncing off the walls all night. Caffeine’s the culprit. When caffeine gets absorbed into the bloodstream, it can have a stimulating effect and block sleep-inducing chemicals as soon as 15 minutes after it is consumed. So, you either have to quit drinking coffee early in the day, or be uber alert and play solitaire all night. Actually, there’s another solution, enter Counting Sheep Coffee.

Counting Sheep Coffee was founded by four funky fellows in fabulous Vancouver, B.C., Canada, one of them is a 3rd generation coffee roaster. These guys love coffee and can appreciate the side effects of regular coffee, so they conspired and created a unique blend of their own. Their Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee is blended with organic valerian root (herbal sedative) to create a flavorful coffee and help you unravel after a long and drudging day. Honestly, what a great idea!

Counting Sheep Coffee

Here’s a word from Deland, one of the founders about his reason for creating this awesome coffee. “I made this product because my wife loves coffee, but is sensitive to caffeine and can’t even touch decaf after 3. Even those who can sleep with coffee (I know I can, used to be a cop) it is still a great treat, because the valerian relaxes me. Fun instead of a glass of wine some nights by the fire when we don’t feel like alcohol or the calories.”

Counting Sheep Coffee has two blends to choose from, 40 Winks offers a gourmet roast flavor and Lights Out offers an extra strong bolder flavor! Members of my family have always been sensitive to the effects of coffee and as a rule, only drink it in the mornings. I’m personally sensitive to even decaf coffee, so my ears perked up when I heard about this coffee.

I was concerned about the valerian in the coffee blend, if you’ve ever smelled this root before, then you know what cheesy socks smell like, it’s also incredibly bitter. But, I was so pleasantly surprised, the blends have a beautiful aroma that airily permeated my home, and the taste was so awesome. When I first got this brand, I boldly put the coffee pot on at 8 pm and we drank a couple of cups each. By 9 pm there were a plethora of yawns, by 9:30 the tender tunes of a lullaby were echoing in my head, I could barely stay awake.

Both flavors offer their own qualities, the 40 Winks is light and smooth, and the Lights Out has a more robust essence. We totally love both. They’re also available in K-cups for those who like to make a single cup at a time. I’m thinking ahead to all the holiday parties coming soon and all times I’ve had to say no to coffee. This year is going to be different thanks to Counting Sheep Coffee.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.