Cozy Corner Reading

Autumn seems to settle the family. They get into a routine where they’re doing more quiet things in or around home. Reading is a relaxing and fun thing to do in our home, and we have books for all ages. A child’s reading skills are paramount to their success whether in school and eventually in the workforce. Plus, reading can be an enjoyable and imaginative activity for children, which opens doors to all kinds of new exciting worlds for them.

We’re very fond of Chronicle Books and want to share more delightful titles that will enchant, fascinate, and leave young ones spellbound.

Eek A Mouse, Seek-and-Peek Book

Eek A Mouse, Seek-and-Peek Book

Eek a Mouse is an interactive book that offers more than 30 flaps, tabs, and pop-ups for little ones to explore. The book is about curious mice who explore a home from basement to attic. They love rummaging through and delving into things that are piled high all over the place. The mice open lids on cans, or flaps on briefcases, they crawl into storages or bread boxes and snoop around every interesting corner in each room. Each page share what room the mice are in and has several slaps that children can open to see what the mice have discovered. Some even have double flaps with cute little surprises, like a ballerina, or love letters. The back page has a pop-up scene that celebrates the mice making it all the way through the house. The kids will have loads of fun.

How To Be A Hero

How To Be A Hero storybook

Once upon a time in a faraway place, there lived a nice boy, Gideon, who had everything he wanted. Well, that is except one thing. He wants to be a hero. You know the kind that wears a cape, saves people and headlines the newspaper. Throughout the book, Gideon envisions himself in several scenarios where being a hero would be natural, like saving a princess from her imprisoned tower, and other familiar fairy tales. The book has a wonderful storyline and is full of colorful images. In the end, he gets is fame and becomes a hero, but you’ll have to find out how.

They All Saw A Cat

They All Saw A Cat

The cat walked through the world, with its whiskers, ears, and paws . . . This book is about the travels of a cat and who sees him and how he reacts to them, from a dog, fox, mice, a bug, birds, a child, and so much more. I loved that the bright illustrations showed fear, anger, curiosity and other emotions a cat would have on his daily trek.

The Wish Tree

The Wish Tree storybook

How many of us know that wish trees exist? Well, Charles does, and his mission is to find one. He sets out into the woods with his trusty Boggan in search of one, and they had the whole day ahead of them. Along the way, Charles and Boggan climbed hills, slid down frosty meadows, and found animals who needed their help. So he and Boggan offered a hand and totally enjoyed the experience. But, the day is ending, and Charles gets tired, then something magical happens. There’s lots of lovely illustrations and a touching ending.

Storybooks allow children the freedom to believe and the room to expand their imaginations. Crack open a book and let their experience begin.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions express are my own, yours may differ.