Crafting for Christmas – Already?

Getting ready for the holiday season starts early in the year for me. As an avid and addicted crafter, I love to make a lot of my Christmas gifts. I enjoy making hats, headbands, mitts, slippers, lovey’s, afghans, and more. But, that means starting my projects sooner than later. I actually knit and crochet all year round, but really start focusing on Christmas crafts and holiday gift ideas in June and July.

I don’t like making mundane or plain items, but try to look for unique and unusual things that not everyone is wearing. I get a lot of inspiration from talented Etsy crafters who create some of the most stunning patterns. I’m always in awe at how creative ideas are formed into adorable wearables. I’ve bought lots of patterns off Etsy and enjoy creating them into treasured gifts. Right now, I’m into making animal and character hats. Here is one of my latest creations, the crocheted Crocodile Hat.

Crocodile Hat

The Crocodile Hat is very popular with my family. I’ve made at least 50 of them over the past few years. They are a little time-consuming to make, but once you get the pattern down, creation goes a lot faster.

The Crocodile Hat pattern comes in eight sizes from hatchling to adult. I’ve made every size and both kids and adults love them. You make the hat first and then crochet the crocodile pieces. I kept the Crocs in various shades of green so they look more realistic, but you can make them in any color you like. On this hat, I altered rows with two different greens. It looks awesome and I used up some smaller balls of yarn.

Once I make all the crocodile pieces, I sew the arms and eyes onto the crocodile’s body. Then I pin the crocodile’s body to the hat to stabilize it and sew it on. Don’t get too alarmed if the crocodile isn’t centered perfectly. Critters move in real life, so it will look like the Croc is crawling on your head.

If you are a crocheter and are looking for unique Christmas crafts or gift ideas, swing by and check out the Crocodile Hat. It’s never too early to start planning for the holiday season.

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