Creating a Fun Summer Staycation

With the current world events, travel has been discouraged or completely banned reflective of where you live. Plus, many are on a budget and want to be as frugal as possible this year. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t create a fun vacation in your own backyard, city, or even your province or state. You don’t need to go far or spend a lot of money, you just need a little creative and resourceful ingenuity.

I love traveling, I mean really love, love, love it. The excitement, the buzz, the high you get landing in another country is exhilarating. But staycations can be equally as delightful, but without the jet lag, expense, and unforeseen stress, circumstances, and mishaps.

Photo by Klara Kulikova/Unsplash

Staycations are not a trend, but an increasingly popular and conservative way to enjoy the ambience and surroundings of your hood. It can be just as rejuvenating and relaxing as a trip away from home. Here are a few ideas to make your staycation a memorable blast.

Enjoy the solitude of your backyard

backyard staycation
Photo by Jennifer Marcus/Unsplash

Make the most of your private space. Shut off your phone, computer and tv and put the outside world on pause. Grab a book and enjoy the tranquility of your own backyard. Or do some gardening, jump on your trampoline, run through the sprinklers, build a fort, toast marshmallows, fill an inflatable pool, blow bubbles, or set up a tent. The skies the limit.

Enjoy your local city park or beach

Photo by Josephine Baran/Unsplash

Every city has several serene parks where kids can run, play sports or enjoy the green space. We have several parks and each one has a man-made lake where ducks return every year. There are lots of trees, stunning flowers, and huge lawns where families can enjoy the peaceful outdoors. Pack a lunch, bring your lawn chairs, blanket, ball, and perhaps a book.

Visit your local National Park

Morraine Lake - Banff - Pixabay

I’m fortunate to live close to two national parks, Banff and Waterton. Although there is a small fee to enter these parks, it’s worth the experience your family will enjoy. Pack a picnic, bring your hiking boots, hook up your bikes, load the canoes and savor all that mother nature offers in these beautiful parks. There are lots of hiking and biking trails for all fitness levels, interpretive centers, and gondola rides! There oodles to see and do. Don’t forget your camera.

Skateboard Park

Skater park - Pixabay

Skateboarding has been popular for a few decades and the interest is growing even stronger. Nearly every city has a skateboard park to keep kids safe and allow them to hone their skills. These parks are a lot of fun, they’re a place to burn of energy, it doesn’t cost anything and kids can mingle with other like-minded kids.

Take the kids for a bike ride

Bike riding is a great way to get fresh air, exercise, and well-spent time with your family. Hop on one of your local trails and enjoy the scenery. Try a different trail every day.

Movie night

family tv - deposit

Make a date to watch your favorite movies with your family. Create your own special home cinema. Make fun and unique admission tickets, add yummy flavors to bowls of popcorn, brew some hot chocolate, throw some pillows on the floor or snuggle down on some bean bag chairs, jazz up the room with some mood or fairy lights. Kids will remember this moment forever.

Festivals, Fairs and Farmer’s Markets

Plan your staycation when your city is having its annual fair or festival. Enjoy some rides, buy some cotton candy, and take in the sights. Summertime is filled with music festivals, art & cultural festivals, and baking and craft competitions.

A staycation is what you make of it. You can do a lot of activities or as little as you wish. There is no pressure. It’s all about spending quality time with those who mean the most to you or maybe it will be your personal me time. It’s all good. Make it worth remembering.

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