Creating Summer Camp at Home

All summer camps, whether day camps or sleep-away camps, have been closed for 2020 due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Many families are struggling with budgets, so some parents would have chosen to keep the kids at home this year regardless. This situation has left the children mopey and sad. But, that just means we have to get creative and come up with fun ways to keep the kids amused, entertained, and happy for the rest of the summer. Here are some fun activities the whole family can participate in and make their own summer camp.

Chalk Art

Girl creating chalk art on sidewalk- pixabay

Using chalk to create sidewalk or driveway art is a super inexpensive and fun way to entertain kids. Come up with themes and incorporate some learning activities as well. They can draw animals, flowers, foods, or create scenes like a beach, forest, or haunted house. Kids can share an inspirational message, create their own board game, or draw an image of their siblings. The fun is endless and the best part is there is no cleanup.

Water Balloon Fun

Water balloon fun - summer activities
Photo by James Balensiefen/ Unsplash

Making water balloons during the summer heat is a must-do. Kids can create fun games just by playing with a water balloon. They can toss the balloon back and forth until someone drops it. Play musical chairs and have water balloons on a few seats. Kids can try to sit on the balloons without breaking them. Kids will come up with other fun ideas.

Water Jet Fun

Water Jet Park - pixabay
summer fun

Nearly every city has a fountain, water jet or spray park. Kids can have a blast running through the jets and sprinklers. They burn off energy, stay cool, and hang out with other kids. And it’s free.

Make Friendship Bracelets

Girl making friendship bracelets - Deposit

Making friendship bracelets is not only fun, it’s creative. Kids can learn different techniques, styles, and color combinations. All the supplies are easy to find at your local craft store and they’re budget-friendly. We found the i-Loom Friendship Bracelet Kit and its Refill Kit on Amazon. Kids can also make toys that hang on backpacks, colorful hair bands, cool charms, and other loom-related creations!

Theme Days

Harry Potter theme - Pixabay
summer ideas

Choose a different theme each week and dress up as one of your favorite characters from a treasured book or movie. Do an activity or create a recipe that reflects the theme. If you’re using a Harry Potter theme, create a Sorting Hat, make wands, invent spells, drink pumpkin juice, etc. Kids will have a blast.


Summer projects with LEGO- pixabay

Every family has a box or two of LEGO pieces. Work in teams to see who can create the grandest piece. Set a date when your projects have to be finished. Check out the LEGO website for cool ideas and how-tos.

Build a Bird House or Feeder

Building a birdhouse or feeder takes some simple supplies and a love for our feathered friends. You can buy premade birdhouses or an adult can build them ahead of time. Or you can use an old boot or shoe. Kids can decorate them with paint, plastic accessories and flowers, floral stencils, wooden numbers or words, the possibilities are endless. Birdfeeders can be made out of an old pie plate, teacups, mason jars, old shoes, milk cartons, and more. Just let your imagination kick in and make them as plain for as whimsical as you like.

Campfire Stories… and more

Summer Scary stories campfire - deposit

Creating a fire in the safety of your backyard with your parents can be a cool experience. It’s the perfect time and place to share some creepy, spooky, unearthly tales that are sure to bring on some nightmares. Or if there are young children, perhaps a good old singalong and marshmallow roasting is more appropriate. Make it special for your family.

Revisit Vacation Videos and Photos

kids playing on beach - pixabay
summer vacation

Bring out family vacation videos and photos and reminiscence. Try to remember everything you can about the trip. Where did you stay, where did you eat? What places did you visit? Who did you meet? We’ve done this several times and it was so much fun.

Movie Night

family movie night - summer fun. deposit

Each family member can make a list of all the movies they want to watch. Then take turns watching everyone’s favorite movies or new movies no one has viewed before. Plan to watch one movie each night. Make popcorn and savor the moment.

Parents and kids collectively can make this summer a blast and create memorable moments. Take pictures and record all the event in a journal. One day you’ll look back and relive the joy you create this summer.

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