Creating Crocheted Masterpieces from Leftover Yarn

There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not crocheting and creating items for my family or for my craft sales. It’s a passion that started decades ago and I cannot envision my life without yarn… lots of yarn. But, if you are an avid crafter like I am, you know doubt have umpteen little balls of yarn leftover from various projects. While I know many people who just throw them out, I don’t have the heart to waste yarn of any kind or color. That being said, I have literally 3 larges tubs filled with bits of this color and that color.

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I use mostly worsted weight yarn and the colors vary from solids to variegated in every hue possible. My mom and I decided to do something with these little bits of yarn and create something usable. Obviously, there is a concern with colors clashing and blending harmoniously. So the challenge was to find a pattern where we had the freedom to combine various colors without distracting from the final result. And we did, the Persian Tile Afghan.

Blankets and Afghans

Persian Tile afghan made from leftover yarn

If you’ve ever seen Persian mosaic tiles, you’ll know they are artistically gorgeous and decorative. They are handmade and come in an enormously eclectic range of patterns and prints. I believe they call this artform Qashani. It often consists of natural flowers like roses, lilies, and trees, and innumerable geometric patterns. It opens the door to your artistic freedom and creativity.

My mom also had several containers full of leftover worsted weight yarn, with one filled just with various shades of blue. She decided to make the center flower out of blue yarn and create the rest of the motifs with colors that blend or complement the blue hues.

To make the Persian Tile Blanket, you’ll be connecting several pieces to get this dazzling geometric effect. The pattern can be challenging if you are new to crocheting. So take your time, read carefully, and practice each piece several times before assembling. But, don’t be intimidated. It’s a fun pattern and so enjoyable to make.

Throws and Pillow Covers

Persian tile throw and pillow covers made from scrap yarn

Of course, you are not limited to just creating a blanket. You can use the same motif pieces to create afghans for your chair, back of your sofa, a shawl, a pet blanket, and even pillow covers. The Persian Tile Blanket is a versatile pattern that can be morphed into whatever you need. Plus, it’s the ideal pattern to play with if you have a plethora of small balls of yarn you want to use up. My mom used up one whole storage tub of leftover yarn and created several gorgeous mosaic masterpieces that will last a long time.

If you have lots of remnant yarn and are looking for a constructive purpose for them, you may want to try crocheting the Persian Tile blanket. If you do make this pattern, share your photos on Facebook! I’d love to see them.