Crochet Animal Slippers Pattern Book

When I was really young, my mother taught me how to knit. One of my first projects was making a scarf with the garter stitch. Somehow, I always managed to make extra stitches on each end. I pushed through my frustration and within a year I enjoyed the process. Then, my mom introduced me to crocheting. I fell deeply in love with this craft and developed an intense passion for anything crocheted. My whole world changed. Today, I am still addicted to crocheting and my home is sprinkled with finished projects and ones in mid creation.

I love making fun items for adults and kids, so I’m always looking for new patterns. I get a lot of my patterns from craft books and off Etsy. One of my favorite crochet designers is Ira Rott. I have lots of her patterns and cannot count how many animal hats and other items I’ve made over the years. She recently released a pattern book called Crochet Animals Slippers, and I just had to have it!

The Crochet Animal Slippers book includes 60 fun, easy, and seriously cute patterns for both adults and kids. Plus, it includes a size guide for kids and adults inside the front cover. All the patterns are assigned a skill level from beginner to easy to moderate. If you are learning and a newbie to crocheting, try the bonus pattern at the back of the book first. It’s more simplified and will help you grasp the concept of slipper making. The sizes of the slippers range from small kids to large adults. (6 sizes)

  • How to Use This Book
  • Tools and Materials
  • Size Chart
  • Making Slippes
  • The Slippers
  • The Snuggly Pug
  • The Cuddly Bear
  • The Happy Penguin
  • The Zingy Dinosaur
  • The Starry Unicorn
  • The Rock ‘n’ Roll Panda
  • The Sleepy Koala
  • The Mossy Sloth
  • The Graceful Elephant
  • The Playful Pig
  • The Mischevious Racoon
  • The Woolly Sheep
  • The Sandy Turtle
  • The Sassy Cat
  • The Hippe Llama
  • The Brave Moose
  • The Artful Fox
  • The Friendly Cow
  • The Roaring Lion
  • Bonus Pattern
  • Additional Ideas
crochet basic slipper
Basic Shoe Slipper

The onset of the book shares the tools and materials you will need to create your slippers. The Overview page tells you what size of hooks you’ll need and amounts of yarn for each size of slipper. But, we all have different tension when we crochet, so always test your gauge for accurate sizing. You may need to adjust your hook size. If you are left-handed, like my mom, there are some helpful instructions at the back of the book.

The patterns are set up differently than in most books. You start off by crocheting a sole according to your size and from here you have the option to create 3 different looks for each animal design. You can make either Slides, Shoes, or Boots. I love this idea.

crochet dinosaour slipper

The soles are always double, so you crochet two together by joining them with a single crochet row. Each step offers instructions for both kids and adults. After the soles are joined, you continue with either the shoes, boots, or slide instructions. Full-color photograph tutorials are also included so you can see exactly where you join and crochet with direction arrows. Plus, there are charts for those who prefer to use these instead. Each has specific symbols that represent different stitches and the rows are shown in different colors. The symbol key is at the back of the book.

crochet animal slipper

After you create your basic shoe, boot or slide, you proceed to the animal pattern you wish to create. Here you will get instructions for the face, and other body pieces needed to finish the look. But, Ira also shows you how to combine different animals. Maybe you’d like a unicorn horn on your panda slippers? The skies the limit! So don’t be afraid to add your own personal touches or make your slippers in your favorite color.

I love this book and they way the patterns are set up. They are easy to follow and set you up for success. Ira Rott’s patterns are impeccable, you will never find an error. I also love that the soles are double – it offers more comfort and will extend the life of your slippers.

What I’ve done is made a bunch of different shoe slippers and set them aside until I have time to create some of the different animals. You can never start too early making holiday gifts.

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