Crocheted Easter Eggs

Every Easter there are loads of people who still enjoy dying hard-boiled eggs and dipping them into a plethora of colorful paints. I remember doing this as a child and it was really messy and I didn’t even like eggs. Oh well, you can please everyone! But today times have changed and egg designs are far more elaborate and delicate. Some paint intricate designs, while others make use of the following techniques, tye-dye, colored wax, stencils, marbling and speckling with shaving cream, using tea bags, silk tye wraps, applying graphic art tape, using colored tissue paper and the list can go on and on. Decorating eggs has become an art form that is celebrated every Easter.

Crochete Bunny doll and 3 Easter eggs

Then there are people like me who love creating Easter animals, toys and eggs with yarn. This year I’m giving a variety of crocheted gifts and making Easter eggs is by far the easiest. They’re also a lot of fun to decorate with floral patterns that you can embroider on.

I featured the Easter bunny last week and you can find more about the pattern HERE. This week I whipped a few crocheted eggs and made them in soft colors to reflect the holiday. You can find a free crochet egg pattern on Zeens and Roger or Ravelry. Zeens will give you some embroidery ideas.

3 crocheted and embroidered Easter eggs

The eggs are made form a DK — double knit yarn. If you use worsted weight, the eggs will be larger and not a true accurate size of eggs. But, the larger eggs are just as adorable. I preferred the DK yarn myself and I love the end result.

I separated some worsted weight yarn into 2 strands to get yarn for my embroidery. You could use crochet cotton if you have some at home, but I find they don’t come in a lot of colors… at least where I live. The eggs took about 20 minutes to make, stuff and embroider. Super fast and super cute. Happy Easter!

Disclaimer: These are not my patterns, I’m just featuring them for those who love to crochet. The included links will take you to the creator of the pattern.

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