Crocheted Easter Lamb Pattern

As Easter approaches, the big box stores are bursting with chocolate bunnies, candies eggs, peeps, tons of marshmallow treats and a plethora of different candy. Back in the day, my parents didn’t buy a lot of sweet treats, nor did we have any special Easter clothing or an Easter egg hunt, which was fine with me. Instead, we dyed eggs, did crafts (my parents usually bought us several coloring books) and had a lovely meal and dessert. We didn’t gorge on too much sugar.

More and more parents are choosing healthier options and sugarless or non-candy treats for their family during Easter. I don’t buy any candy or chocolate anymore and haven’t for years. I love to crochet so I like to make holiday-inspired items that will last long after the season is over. This year I’m whipping up some charming crocheted Lambs.

Crocheted Lamb Dolls

I frequent several crochet sites and on one of them, I found a free pattern for the adorable lambs. Using only single crochets for the most part and a few double crochets and treble crochets, this pattern is easy to make.

Like most crafters, I modified the pattern a little. The pattern is made in rounds, which means you don’t join at the end of the row. That is okay on the body, but the for the feet, I did individual rows because you have to change colors and it leaves an uneven row. I made the purple lamb first, but I don’t like the uneven look of the rows on the feet, so I created the green lamb joining the rows. Plus, the pattern doesn’t have you stuffing the legs and arms all the way, which leaves them limp, but pliable. I chose to stuff all the way so they have more body to them.

I tried to choose Easter colors with the yarn I had in my home and purple and light sage were the closest. The pattern calls for sports weight yarn, but I used worsted weight, so the bunnies are a bit larger. They also call for buttons to be sewn on for eyes, but I crocheted them instead so it’s safe for small children. These sweet little lambs take about a day to make and will require lots of stuffing. I had fun and the kids just love them. The pattern is free and you can find it below.

Disclaimer: This pattern was created by Tatiana Kucherovska and is offered free to the public.

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