Crocheted Rattles for Baby

Since I learned how to crochet many moons ago, I haven’t had a week go by where I’m not creating some projects. I love, love, love to crochet and I enjoy making wearables, toys, and blankets for my family and friends. I also will sell some of my creations at various craft sales, but most are closed for the moment. So with more time on my hands during this health crisis, I’ve pulled out lots of my favorite patterns and started making some baby items. They’re cute, quick, and easy to make and offer lots of color and texture to babies’ senses.

Baby rattles go back eons and it’s hard to say who invented them. It’s a natural reaction to show baby something that is cute and makes a little bit of noise and every generation has had its own version of a rattle. Today, crocheted baby rattle patterns aplenty and I thought I’d share two of my very favorites.

I have tons of baby patterns, but not very many rattles patterns. I found a few animal rattle patterns online and I was inspired to make a few. Lambs are popular and they make a good baby room theme. The above rattle pattern sadly is no longer available; odd considering I just got the pattern a few weeks ago.

The great thing about making baby items is that you can use any color. Lambs do not necessarily have to be white, but can match your baby’s room colors. Some patterns will suggest using safety eyes, but personally, I don’t feel comfortable putting them on any item a baby would handle, so I embroider eyes on.

I used sports-weight yarn and a 65 mm wooden ring. You can get the wooden rings in 60 mm as well if you want a slightly smaller ring. I’ve purchased them from various places including Amazon. I got a bag of 100 wooden rings and about 10 of them were broken. I still haven’t received a replacement, so be cautious of where you buy them.

This darling Hippo Rattle is super easy to make and babies will love it. There is something enormously cute about baby hippos and they make an ideal baby room theme.

I also used sports-weight yarn to create this rattle. Once you finish the hippo head, you then crochet a strip that covers half the wooden ring and sew it on first. Then you attached the hippo head to this strip. They’re super cute and don’t take that long to make.

There will always be someone we know who is going to have a baby. I like to have some items premade so they are ready for the baby shower to give as a gift.


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