Crocheted Bear Hat

Are you one of those parents that love to dress your babies and toddlers in adorable clothing? Well, I was. When my daughter was an infant I crocheted and knitted darling patterns that were so cute. I made lots of fancy dresses, slippers, hats, and other baby items, but I loved all the animal-inspired crocheted hat patterns that were unique and so much fun to make.

I have over 25 nieces and nephews so I’ve been creating handmade items from existing patterns, but I’m always looking for new ones. There is no shortage of clever crafters who can create enchanting children’s patterns. I’m always amazed at the lovely creations they come up with. Several years ago I found this sweet little bear hat pattern and I’ve probably made 100 of these crocheted hats.

Crocheted Kids Bear Hat

I believe I found this bear hat pattern on Ravelry. On Ravelry, you’ll find free patterns and ones you have to pay for. If I recall, I paid around $5 for this pattern. I’m not sure if it’s available anymore, but you can scan their patterns if it interests you. Here’s a list of all their Bear Hat Patterns.

With the holiday/winter season in full bloom, I made many of these bear hats for friends and family this year. I made several in typical bear colors – brown and black, but the kids preferred other colors. The reds, blues, and yellow hats were popular, but not one child liked the real bear colors.

I always attached a braided string on each earflap. If you make them long enough, you can keep the hat tied on. Some small infants will pull their hats off immediately, so these braids can help keep the hats in place.

Crocheted Kids Bear Hat

It took me about four hours to make this bear hat and it doesn’t use a lot of yarn. I crocheted the nose and eyes so that the hats were safe for babies and small children to wear. They are made from worsted-weight yarn, which I prefer to work with; it’s just the right thickness for warmth and it’s easy to care for. You can toss them in your washer and dryer and they look great. I┬ájust thought I’d share my hat with those who enjoy making kid’s items. These bear hats definitely make perfect gifts for kids. Happy crocheting.

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