Crocheting on the Edge

I’m big on giving and receiving handmade gifts; a lot of thought and love goes into making them. I have a deep passion for knitting and crocheting, and I think most of you know that by now. Crocheting is one of the easiest hobbies to pick up. It’s also enjoyable and very rewarding to create products for yourself or friends and family. I’m always picking up a new book that’s filled with projects that will get my ingenuity rolling. I love to make for those dear to me.

I’m a huge fan of Nicky Epstein, who has created 25 or more amazing craft books, from knitting, crocheting, and felting. I have a few of her books, but Crocheting on the Edge¬†is one I’ve coveted for a long time. It recently came out in soft cover, and I just had to have it.

Crocheting on the Edge pattern book

Crocheting on the Edge is from Nicky Epstein’s Essential Collection. It features more than 200 decorative borders as well as a garment in each category; Ribs & Bobbles, Ruffles, Flora, Fringes, and Points & Scallops. But, there is so much more information provided. You’ll learn how to add a crocheted edge to a knitted piece, this can be a challenge, but the instructions are so easy to follow. There’s also information on textures, tips, and techniques; each will enable you to be successful in each pattern. The images are big, bright and colorful so you can clearly see the end result. The graphs are large and very easy to follow; this is my favorite way to read a pattern.

As I poured over the edgings, l was coming up with lots of ideas on where to put them. I’ve added edgings to tablecloths, blankets for adults and babies, T-shirts, cuffs, collars, and even on a tote. You can put edging on anything, you’re only limited by your creativity and willingness to be different and bold!

I was enamored with the sweet Cashmere Capelet shown in the Flora Edging section. It’s perfect for cooler days in summer and fall. My mom whipped up this garment in two days.

crocheted capelet

This capelet is more like a poncho in my opinion. It has a large open mesh, with lovely small and large crocheted flowers that are sewn on an angle across one side. I think it’s awesome, I love it.

capelet edging

The pattern for the bottom of the capelet called for a short fringe. We decided to put an edging on the bottom instead, we chose Eileen’s Edge shown on page 160. It’s a seashell-ish edge with a dainty pearl in the middle. It looks stunning on the capelet and you’d never know it was an add-on.

I adore the Canterbury Bell edging and they could be paired with drapes, towels or a tunic. I’m also smitten by the Puff Flower, it looks like a medallion and reminds me a lot of the scarlet pimpernel. The edgings in the book are so well designed and very unique. I know I’ll be creating many more projects and injecting lots of these remarkable edgings. Crocheting on the Edge is a must-have for every crocheter’s library.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.