Crystal Energy

Crystals and other stones have long been recognized not only for their beauty but more importantly for their healing and spiritual power for thousands of years. Healers, energy workers, and shamans have used crystals for their life-enhancing and unique properties. I’m just learning about crystals, and the more I learn, the more I cherish them. Not knowing really where to start, I rely on the informative books that reach the market for us energy seekers. I recently discovered four new titles that I’d love to share with you.

Chakra Balancing Crystal Alignment is an audiobook that the author narrates, and it’s broken up into two parts. In the first section, Margaret shares how to use crystals on and around the body with the intention to realign, recalibrate, and balance the chakras in the four subtle bodies. When one or more of the chakras become blocked or out of alignment, it affects your mental state and/or emotional balance. It can also affect you spiritually. Eventually, the blockage presents itself on the physical level with a disease or some health condition that appears to show up out of nowhere. These manifest through our actions, words, thoughts, and emotions. The second section has guided meditations using the crystals. You’ll find these calming and soothing to the spirit, and you may also notice you feel better afterward.

Chakra Balancing Crystal Alignment
You’ll learn how to use crystals to restore balance and promote healing. You can even attract your heart’s desires with the use of crystals. I really enjoyed this audiobook and gleaned a lot of valuable insight.

Color Your Life With Crystals is an awesome guidebook and user manual that will get you started with crystals. You’ll learn how to use and pick the perfect crystals and stones just for you. The book goes into the chakras and their associated colors. The following chapters feature several crystals and stones in each specific color range. The full-color images show the details of the crystals and explain their use and purpose.

Color Your Life With Crystals

Crystal Gifts: How To Choose the Perfect Crystal for Over 20 Occasions. Michael Gienger is a leading international authority in crystal therapy and healing. He’s written several books and his newest one is all about sharing a gift in crystals. I cannot think of a nicer gift to give or receive than a stunning crystal.

Crystal Gifts

This handy book shares what crystals would be appropriate for many special occasions. For instance, for birthdays, it’s suggested you give the following crystals: Gold Topaz or Malachite. Looking for a housewarming gift? How about giving Mookaite or Petrified Wood. Or how about just saying thank you with Rhodochrosite or Tiger Iron. Each crystal and stone offer a special energy and message. There are lots of vivid full-color images to admire and reflect on. I love this little book; it’s perfect for my collection.

Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Pollution By Using Crystals

Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Pollution By Using Crystals
We are bombarded daily with the radiation given off by all man-made electrical, magnetic, and electromagnetic fields that engulf our homes, offices, and public spaces.

In our modern world, there is no shortage of electronics. What many do not realize is the havoc it wreaks on our bodies, it can make us quite ill. What are the symptoms of electromagnetic stress? Headaches, tired or exhausted, feeling stressed, trouble sleeping, being nervous or irritable, and even circulatory problems. So, how do we deal with Electromagnetic Pollution? Crystals can offer relief, but you first need to reduce stress from radiation as much as possible. An explanation of just how crystals help is offered, along with which ones to use.

I was introduced to several crystals I never heard of before. The book ends with how to choose the right crystal using either the analytical or intuitive approach. There’s also info on the application of and cleansing your crystals. I appreciated the index; it gives lots of crystal suggestions for specific issues. It’s a great book and well worth the read.

Crystal energy is becoming more popular as people are seeking alternative healing options. All four crystal books will enhance, balance, and promote well-being in your body and life!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.