Crystal Guides to Health, Wealth and Happiness

Crystals have been long admired, adored, and treasured for not only their beauty but most importantly for their positive energy vibrations and innate sage-like wisdom. Ancient cultures and civilizations used them for their healing benefits, but today, they are mostly room ornaments. Crystals come in an enormous amount of colors and shapes, can be worn as jewelry, and used in healing therapies.

Exploring the glittery realm of crystals can be exciting, you’ll want one of each kind. Even though all crystals are potent and usable, there are some that are ideal for specific purposes. To know more about what these are, you’ll need a reference book to guide you. Each year there are new crystal book releases and I have two of them. I found them to be informative and great resources.

Mystical Crystals

Mystical Crystals Magical Stones and Gems for Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Mystical Crystals will guide you on how to use crystals and gems in your daily routine to manifest health, wealth, success, prosperity, love, and peace of mind. Crystal will greatly enhance your life and each one will have a different effect on the user. Some are great for calming and meditation, while others are perfect wellness tools or love attractors or will help you achieve abundance. 

The book is divided into seven enlightened chapters.

* Crystal Chemistry – How They Work and Why They Work
* Birthstone Secrets – Discover Your Soul Stones
* Tranquility Touchstones – Stress-Reducing Rocks
* Serenity Stones – Crystalline Calm for Your Happy Home
* Power Stones – for Prosperity and Success
* Stone in Love – Gems for Romance and True Love
* Mineral Medicine – Crystals for Health and Wellness
* Crystal Charms – How to Choose and Make Change-Your-Life Jewelry

Andalusite, a magically metamorphic crystal
Andalusite – magically metamorphic

After perusing this book, I learned that each us of has a Crystal Soul or Power Stone. We all know our birthstone, but we also have a soul stone. Each zodiac sign has ‘early’ and ‘late’ sections where heart, soul, and power- correlated stones to rev up your life are focused on. There is a variety of stress, worry, and anxiety release stones like Lepidolite which is a powerful tool for those dealing with manic depression.

This book also offers guidance on choosing stones for a calm home, romance, prosperity, success, health, and wellness. You’ll also learn how to cleanse and dedicate your crystals, make a crystal shrine, crystal wish box, balance your chakras, enhance your dreams and so much more. It’s sprinkled with trivia and detailed facts on infusing the energy of crystals into your life. Secret code: Strawberry Quartz.

Crystallize Guide to Crystal Healing

Crystallize, modern guide to crystal healing

The Crystallize Healing Guide is the follow-up book to the Crystals: Modern Guide to Healing which will take your interest in crystals to the next level. Within these pages you will be introduced to 50+ gorgeous and unique crystals. The book is divided into to main sections, Crystal Magic 101 and Crystal Magic 201.

Crystal Magic 101

  • A quick refresher
  • Chakra chart

Crystal Magic 201

  • The rainbow connection
  • Crystal shapes
  • Everyday magic
  • Crystal grids
Ruby, Fuchsite, Zoisite and Kyanite for natural health, grounding and honest communication.

The onset of the book revisits and refreshes some basic crystal information, but highlights the purpose of this book. It walks you through the colors of crystals and their influence in certain areas of your life and on your chakras. Plus, each on has a mantra you can meditate on. Pink is for love, compassion, friendship, comfort, kindness, heart-healing, divine feminine, sisterhood, motherhood, calming and peace. Mantra: I am love.

Crystal shapes affect how its magic flows into the world whether a raw geode or a man-made shape. Some large, raw clusters are more conducive to a home, while smaller, smooth, tumbled stones can be worn as jewelry or popped into your pocket, bra, handbag, car, or office. Plus there are wands, pyramids, spheres, and more that can be used for healing and life amplifying changes.

Crystals can be used to create a zen workspace, help your pets, protect your children, or change the energy of your home. You’ll also learn which crystals are best for each holiday, gift ideas, making crystal grids, love spells, growing your trust fund, and a whole lot more. Some of the crystals covered in this book are Aquamarine, Chrysoprase, Galena, Iolite, Peacock Ore, and Unakite. Crystallize is a great resource book and an excellent addition to your crystal book collection.

Disclaimer: I received complimentary products to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.