Cured and Instant Healing Books

As we delve deeper into the 21st century, energy medicine is evolving even more and has grown stronger roots in our communities. Many are turning to them to heal and cure their body, mind, and spirit. Complimentary, alternative, and holistic modalities are providing us with additional choices when it comes to our own health care. New techniques are being discovered and some older ones are being refined, tweaked, and adjusted for even greater results. Many are learning to master these modalities and experiencing instant, spontaneous, or miraculous healings that defy the odds. If you’d like to learn more, the two books below offer clear blueprints on how to upgrade your health and potentially heal.

Instant Healing

Mastering The Way of The Hawaiin Shaman Using Words, Images, Touch and Energy
Instant healing

Instant Healing offers an abundance of drug-free methods we can try to enhance our lives and heal our bodies of many ailments. This book is a culmination of modern advanced techniques of the Western world, the most primitive techniques of the undeveloped world, and the amazing techniques of the shamanic practices of Hawaii. The book is divided into three parts.

Part One – Preparing the Way for Instant Healing

  • How Does Healing Work
  • Memory, the Body, and Healing
  • Imagination, the Mind, and Healing

Part Two – Walking the Path of Instant Healing

  • Instant Healing with the Power of Words
  • Instant Healing with the Power of Imagination
  • Instant Healing with the Power of Touch
  • Instant Healing with the Power of Energy

Part Three – Leaping Ahead with Instant Healing

  • Mastering the Power of Words
  • Mastering the Power of Imagination
  • Mastering the Power of Touch

As you peruse this very enlightened book, the first part is about getting our minds and bodies ready for the techniques. You’ll be amazed at the various ways our bodies can heal. Some methods may work well for you, while others work best for family and friends. Each can create the same result, so it’s a matter of preference.

Stress is a huge factor, but it’s far more expansive than we may realize. It includes physical stress factors, emotional stress factors, mental stress factors, spiritual stress factors, and holistic tension. While these must be addressed, it’s the intent of our body and mind and our subconscious and conscious expectations that affect how we heal.

Our mind is powerful and has the ability to heal the body. The rest of the book shares the techniques and how to apply them. Some of these include Emergency Healing Techniques, Healing by Affirmation, Healing By Blessing, Intentional Reverie, Healing Hands, Breath, Redreaming the Dream and many more.


The Life-Changing Science of Spontaneous Healing
Cured - healing your mind, body and spirit

There has been an enormous amount of stories that share the radical and spontaneous healing of individuals with incurable or life-threatening health conditions. Cured has not only cataloged them for readers, but also shares how they did it. The book is divided into two sections, but also has an informative introduction.

Part One: Incredible Immunity

  • Into the Impossible
  • Natural-Born Killers
  • Eat to Heal
  • Shut Down the Disease Superhighway
  • Activate Healing Mode
  • The Healing Heart

Part Two: The Miraculous Mind

  • Faith Healing and Healing Faith
  • The Power of Placebo
  • Healing Your Identity
  • You Are Not Your Illness
  • Healing Death
  • Burn Your Boat

Each chapter will share insight and guidance on some changes you can make in your life that will affect your health and well-being. It offers hope and promotes all forms of wellness. Some key points are improving our diet and supporting our immune system. Then, we need to mentally heal our stress response and our identities. “Our perception changes our experience, even to the point of changing our physical bodies – and thus the healing of our identity may be our greatest tool to recovery. “

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