Cutco Petite Chef Knife

With my holiday baking in high gear, I don’t want little incidentals slowing me down. There is nothing worse than running out of pantry supplies or having inadequate equipment.

I admit I have many low-end knives that I’ve picked up at our local big box store during a sale. My dull knives have disappointed and frustrated me too many times. I’ve literally been coping and plodding along with them when I really don’t have to. There are establishments out there that offer quality knives.

Cutco is a company devoted to offering the finest, high-quality kitchen knives, knife block sets, utensils, cookware, trays, gadgets, and garden tools. All of their products are backed up by a promise, a guarantee forever. That means forever sharp, forever performance guaranteed and forever replacement. I don’t think I’ve seen this extraordinary offer on any other site.

This year thanks to Cutco, the process of creating my festive dishes and desserts is a lot smoother. I received their 7-5/8 inch Petite Chef Knife and at first glance, the quality was obvious.

It’s a professional knife that’s a lot heavier than my existing knives, but not awkward to hold. The blade is as its name suggests, 7-5/8 inches long and the handle is 5-1/2 inches long, so it’s a fair-sized knife. The blade is made from 440A high-carbon stainless steel, which means it’s superior steel. The handle is made of thermal resin plastic and is ergonomic with its wedge lock design. This means it offers a fatigue resistant and comfortable grip for both right and left-handed users. Your thumb and forefinger will lock nicely into the grooves for safety and easy control. You’ll also notice that the handle is non-slip which is an admiral attribute. I found the handle quite comfortable to hold considering I don’t have large hands and I haven’t used knives this size as a rule.

The blade adds a whole new meaning to Christmas baking magic. It’s by far the sharpest knife I’ve used in my home. Clearly, I need to upgrade my utensils. With its uber razor-sharp edge, slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing were a piece of cake. Some of the toughest things for me to cut are tomatoes, cabbage, yams, rutabagas, pumpkin, and squashes. Some of them I would like to take a saw to but it wasn’t necessary with the 7-5/8 Petite Chef. I was able to cut a yam to almost paper-thin slices, this is a first for me. A few foods needed a little more pressure than others to sever, but there was definitely no downtime struggling with any foods. The end result was gratifying and to me, it’s a top-notch knife. It may be a little pricey but it’s definitely worth the investment with its forever guarantee. You can’t lose with this product!

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.