Cute Crocheted Bobble Blankets for Baby

When a family member, friend, or neighbor shares the news that they are expecting a new arrival, we are overwhelmed with jubilation. If you are a crocheter, you will most likely start churning out ideas of what cute projects you are going to make for this tiny human being. There is no greater happiness than making something handmade and adorably precious for a new baby. While like most crafters, I have an abundance of baby patterns, I still love to seek out patterns that are creative and unique. I don’t have to look far, there are tons of patterns online.

Perusing Etsy with babies in mind, I found several gorgeous Bobble Stitch Afghans that captured my attention. They’re beautifully designed and would make the perfect oh-so-cute gift for a baby. I’m smitten and I think every parent would love them as part of their baby’s accessories. Baby afghans are deemed essential for infants of all ages, and they usually need more than one. But, they don’t have to be boring or plain. Check out these remarkable Bobble Afghan patterns created by the Crochet Couch. You’ll just want to get some yarn and make it for a special little baby or child.

The Alphabet Baby Bobble Stitch Afghan was created by Kim from the Crochet Couch Shop. One of the first things parents teach their babies and toddlers is the alphabet. Little ones will be inspired to learn with their favorite snuggly blankie. It’s a subtle educational tool that also keeps our kiddos warm and comfortable.

Viewing the pattern, it’s well written with great detail. You will get both the written instructions and the charts to follow. The afghan is created in different rows of color and worked from the bottom up. So you will be starting with some hearts and the three letters of the alphabet. If you find it a challenge to follow the written instructions, the chart is a very good option. I personally love following charts. I find I crochet a lot faster and don’t get lost as much.

Creating this bobble afghan in different colors will allow your little ones to experience and learn the different hues the world has to offer. You can create strips of colors as shown or make each square in separate colors or even use variegated colors. Or perhaps you’ll feel inspired to make the afghan in a single color that matches the baby’s room. This afghan also offers a textured surface for babies with soft yarn and bumpy bobbles. And best of all, the Alphabet Bobble Afghan is gender-neutral, so you can make this blanket ahead of time without any concerns about the design. What a precious gift to give. It will be a keepsake that will be treasured even by the next generation. The finished size is 40” x 48” using worsted-weight yarn. Swing by the Crochet Couch to pick up this pattern and explore all their awesome patterns.

Copyright photo from Annie’s
Designed by Kim Latshaw from the Crochet Couch

If you love the Alphabet Bobble Blanket, then you will also love the Perfect Baby Bobble Afghan. It’s another gorgeous baby blanket created by the same designer. This adorable bobble blanket embraces the joy of parenthood; it reads 50% Mom, 50% Dad, and 100% Perfect. Created in soft colors and trimmed with oodles of hearts, this blanket is another gender-neutral option for crafters and soon-to-be parents. It’s made with worsted-weight yarn to create a finished size of 40″ x 44″.

Whether you are welcoming a new baby into this world, or just want to have extra blankets on hand for those precious moments, these blankets would make the best gift ever! Both patterns are available on Etsy and Annie’s.

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