Daisy Lee’s Beginner Qigong for Women DVDs

Energy medicine and modalities are growing in reputation faster and stronger than ever. Why the vast interest and growth? Because they proved to work for an enormous amount of people. As more people search for natural, holistic and non-evasive ways to improve their health, they are educating themselves and trying one or more of the multitude of energy modalities available. The Chinese practice of Qigong is one of the most popular energy modalities and it’s used worldwide. Qi (chee) means breath, air, life force or energy. Gong means work, exercise, practice or cultivation — use the words that resonate with you most. Qigong fuses the breath, gentle movements, grounding, and alignment into a mindful and peaceful practice.

I love qigong and have practiced this energy modality for several years. It’s only recently that I learned about a qigong series specifically created for women’s health and self-care called Radiant Lotus Qigong. This program was created by Daisy Lee who is a Level III Advanced Qigong teacher and clinical practitioner. I got to try two of her DVD’s and I really enjoyed the experience.

Radiant Lotus Healing Qigong Exercises

Radiant Lotus Healing Qigong Exercises DVD

The Radiant Lotus Healing Qigong Exercises feature four groups of exercises, each with their own purpose and effect on the body. These include Shaking & Cupping, Self Massage, Tibetan Vibrational Sound Healing, and Kwan Yin Closing Movement. Daisy walks you through all the exercises with her gentle voice, graceful presence and fluid movements. Before you begin, there are several points to consider, ie. if you have specific health issues and the necessary modifications you should make.

The Shaking and Cupping exercises will release toxins, boost your immune system and even increase bone density. The movements in this section will energize the body and shake loose any stagnant energy that has been blocked in your body. You’ll be using only the pads of your fingers and cupped hands over various parts of the body to wake up key pressure points in the body.

The Self Massage exercises will smooth out the energy you just woke up with the previous qigong exercises. Massage increases circulation and releases toxins. You’ll use your intentions to sending healing energy to dissolve any intense emotions that no longer serve you and replace it with love and light.

The Tibetan Vibrational Sound Healing exercises use 6 different tones and gentle movements to break down toxins, regenerate cells, support the thyroid gland, vocal power and expression, energizes organs, glands and tissue, and increases circulation. Each of these 6 healing tones will vibrate throughout your whole body from the inside out. The sounds will vibrate light outwards from the bone marrow, through the bones and out through the tissues to be expelled. The key is to take long deep breaths so you can tone longer and feel them reverberate throughout your body. It can be a little challenging at first to do the movements while maintaining your tones, but after several tries, you will get better at it.

Kwan Yin Closing Movement is named after the goddess of compassion in Chinese folklore. This exercise routine is like a qigong cool down. The exercises are to remind us to return to inner peace and balance and to give back to ourselves. The movements are gentle, slow and easy to do.

Radiant Lotus Medical Qigong Forms

Radiant Lotus Medical Qigong DVD

The Radiant Lotus Medical Qigong Forms and Acupressure Points are antiaging exercises that balance mind, body and spirit and enhance vital energy, inner peace and bring radiant health to women. There are five different sections, Enhanced Shaking and Cupping, Longevity Qigong, Balanced Movement – Flying Phoenix, Lotus Rises Through the Water and Kwan Yin Closing.

Enhanced Shaking and Cupping uses breathwork, body movement, bouncing, tapping and the well of your cupped hand to pull out toxins from deep tissue and brings it to the surface to be removed. Each exercise is to be repeated 9 times. The number 9 is symbolic of luck, longevity and eternity. You’ll experience your qi moving throughout your body, and it’s a wonderful feeling.

Longevity Series offers several secret antiaging exercises that are easy to master. They will help you ground your lower Dantian and help your body finds its equilibrium and balance. The Arm Swings exercise will increase shoulder mobility. The Squeezed Perineum exercise will strengthen the bladder, abdomen and increase bone density. The Swing Legs exercise will increase lower body strength and support stability.

Balancing Movement – Flying Phoenix is ideal for both men and women who are out of balance, stressed and in need of recentering. These graceful balancing exercises will help you bring your energy back to your core.

Lotus Rise Through the Water is symbolic of women rising above life challenges that cross their path. This exercise is fluid, gentle and refreshing.

Kwan Yin Closing Movement is about closing the energy by placing your feet together and doing gentle movements.

If you haven’t tried Qigong before, or are looking for new routines, Daisy Lee’s DVDs are perfect. You’ll feel energized, balanced, aware, aligned and immensely peaceful. The more you do these movements, the better you’ll feel.

Disclaimer: I received product to facilitate a review. All opinions are my own, yours may differ.